Friday, June 21, 2013

Uncanny X-Force #7 Preview

Uncanny X-Force #7
Writer: Sam Humphries
Art by: Dalibor Talajic, Adrian Alphona
Cover by: Kris Anka

The Story:
• Secrets from the future and the past come to haunt Uncanny X-Force!
• What does Fantomex want from Betsy?
• What does Betsy want from Cluster?
• What does Cluster want from Fantomex?
• What does Bishop want from the 21st century? A body count or a good burger?
• And Los Angeles, lock up your humans: there’s a new mutant on the loose!

In Stores: June 26, 2013


Adrian Sandoval said...

That's a little annoying. I would think Betsy would recognize her own original look. I dunno, maybe she played it like that because she's under cover.

I did love the "Old school Psylocke. Back when she was white, prim and proper" line.

Ben said...

Obviously she recognized. I find the metacommentary in this scene rather clever. British Psylocke = good for the character/bad for business/peverts. I see that you did ther, Humphries. lol

FSaker said...

Nice preview (although I prefer Garney and Alphona doing the art). The dialogues are clever, the setting is intriguing and the censored words actually fit into the lines now.

I guess Humphries finally found the right voice for this book! From his interviews, one could see that he always had good ideas for UXF, he just wasn't implementing them the way he should. If he keeps improving it, like he did in the previous issue, this book may turn out to be a huge success.

FSaker said...

And yes, Betsy definitely did recognize her look; she was either just pretending she didn't (to keep her identity anonymous) or she was being sarcastic towards the woman/transvestite dressed as her (as if meaning that this person did a bad job with the cosplay and isn't looking like her at all).

Anyway, I agree with Ben, the metacommentary in this scene is clever. And hilarious. I guess the woman/transvestite would have better luck in business if she chose the blue bathing suit...

Oh, and Betsy's purple Fantomex suit looks cool! But her current UXF uniform still looks better.

Australian Outback said...

This is AWESOME.

She totally recognized herself, she was just playing/drawing her out.

Unknown said...

new olivier coipel psylocke

Tazirai said...

This Blacklocke was awesome, and was a female. Reason being was one page over was a female Cyclops, so no reason to think she's male or transvestite. Humphries still seems to be phoning it in though. This was my last issue, it's not in pull box anymore. I'll take the real 616 Betsy in X-men over the retconned Humphryverse version.