Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ultimate Comics X-Men #27 Spoilers

Spoilers: The 12-hour grace period the US Army gave to mutants is running out. The mutant resistance is ready to fight the soldiers when the time comes. The sentient seed somehow disturbs the Army's heat signature devices, which prompts the General to order their soldiers to take Utopia down. Jean Grey meets Psylocke in the woods and finds out the war is all her doing. Psylocke uses her telepathy to attack Jean and orders Farbird to return home. Jean reacts and hits her. Meanwhile, soldiers and mutants fight each other. Psylocke reveals to Jean that she's been working to take down Kitty and Utopia since day one, and every move (bombings, defects, double cross, shot) was her doing. Jean senses that she's not the real Psylocke. Elsewhere, the soldiers manage to sieze the mutants. Back to the psychics, Jean summons Farbird, who attacks Psylocke and defeats her. Farbird reveals he didn't fall for Psylocke's impression of Jean and didn't return home. Jean isn't able to find out who or what Psylocke is, she only detects the word 'mothervine'. With Psylocke taken down, her control over Jimmy Hudon breaks and he comes to his senses, not wanting to fight any longer. However Rogue orders the sentient seed to attack the US Army.


Brian said...

I knew it.

47 said...

oh god... is she dead again?

metalgorgomon said...

So.. she's Ultimate Psylocke II (or III)?

I'm hoping that this is Ultimate's Betsy Braddock who jumped to another body. Not some clone or a project from mothervine.

Her death in ultimatum was silly. No body, no scene.. just a tombstone.