Friday, February 8, 2013

X-Men Solicit for May 2013

X-Men #2
Writer: Brian Wood
Art and Cover by: Olivier Coipel
Variant Cover by: Amanda Connor
• The school is on lockdown... but if the bad guys can’t get out, neither can the X-Men!
• John Sublime is back, but is one of the X-Men’s scariest villains not who we should be afraid of?
• Who or what is Arkea?


walteion96 said...

Amazing!!! I love psylockes hair.

I can't freaking wait! Is it just me or jubilee doesn't look like a vampire? I mean she used to have white almost dead skin, long ears, red/black eyes & long fangs. But in this book (in the covers so far) she looks so human, which I'm okay with but I like her being more vampirestic.

walteion96 said...

I just talked to Sam humphires about wood expanding psylocke's arsenal. Here is the conversation:

Me: "Hi, brain wood will expand psylock's arsenal in his run on x-men & give her new psi-weapons. Will you ever use them?"

Sam:" no current plans to use them. Different arsenals for different books. I'm focusing on her psi-dagger and shurayuki sword"

Me:" I hope that you all agree on one power set, so we don't get confused. Wood said he will use TK, will you use any form of TK?"

Sam:"no TK. Nothing to get Confused about, different books, different arsenals"

It seems last year will happen all over again with the power set. Why is it that psylcoke is the only character who get different uses of power between books?

FSaker said...

Is this even a problem? Just consider that she has both power sets (telepathy and telekinesis) and for some reason she's not using telekinesis in UXF.

A hero doesn't need to use ALL her/his powers all the time. Like Sunspot and Magma: they can fly, but when Zeb Wells was writing New Mutants they weren't shown flying (at least not that I remember). Is this a mistake? No, the story just didn't require them to fly. Kitty's ability to damage electronic equipment by phasing into them isn't always used. Spider-Woman can use pheromones against her enemies, but it's not something that she does every time she fights.

So I think it's okay for Betsy to use TK in one book and just TP in the other, as long as she's well written and that the stories don't make it feel like she needs that power and can't use it (for instance, if an energy blast is directed towards her, she sees it and doesn't use the TK to protect herself).

FSaker said...

Now, about the cover, I love it! But it doesn't look like Coipel's art... and Jubilee doesn't look like a vampire at all in it.

But it's still a good cover, it shows all girls using their powers (Storm, Kitty, Rachel) or skills (Psylocke), or just looking nice (Rogue) or funny (Jubilee). And - surprise! - it doesn't focus on their curves (...well, except for Storm and Kitty).

Australian Outback said...

Although I agree that not all powers need to be used in every situation, there should really be consistency across the books. What it really says is that the writers don't agree on her power set and therefore choose to write her differently. Although its not confusing to note, "Okay, in Wood's book she has TK, but in Humphries' she doesn't." And I think it really amounts to that. It's a bit of a stretch IMO to say, "In the dangerous situations in X-Men, Psylocke can use TK to save herself or someone else, but in UXF, there is never any dangerous situation in which her TK is ever needed so that's why she doesn't use it."

Also, having different power sets obstructs the evolution of her power set. Does her now being an Omega level telepath mean anything or not? Did this affect her TK powers or not? No writer has revisited her "level up" since the Dark Angel Saga. I would like to see this explored, and i would like to see them acknowledge the discrepancy in power set between X-Men and UXF.

For the record, my preference is too see her only as a (Omega level) telepath with only the psychic knife in her psi-arsenal, and her sword/katana/whatever as her "real" weapon of choice. (But I'm also open to seeing how her TK is used in clever and inventive ways that are unique to her.)

Australian Outback said...

I hate autocorrect

walteion96 said...

I know, but I just, like Australian outback said, need to know what she can & can't do, and what levels her both powers are, all I want is an explanation. Because if she does have telekinesis, there will obviously be situations in uncanny x-force where she will be stuck, and not using her TK to save her life would be stupid!

I thought that they got rid of her TK last year, but wood is going to change that, how obvious.

Psylocke powers have been a mess since she came back to earth-616.

walteion96 said...
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walteion96 said...

No wait, psylocke powers have been a mess since she first appeared. It's like the editors gave her all kind of psychic powers & let each writer chose what he need for his book! It really takes out of the character.

But I'll just assume, since psylocke can only use one power at a time, that she is, in uncanny x-force concentrating on her TP (because Ezekiel is the only psychic) thus, lowing her TK almost to nothing. BUT in x-men, since take help is a powerful TP, she is concentrating on her TK to create weapons.

When was the last time we saw the TK katana BTW?

walteion96 said...

Since Rachel is a powerful TP *** [second paragraph, sixth line] ^^^ auto correction....

Unknown said...

I wanted to share this with you all. I recently got a sketch of Psylocke from Jim Lee. Check it out...

ComicBookGeek said...

jim lee has nice hands - he should be a hand model