Friday, February 22, 2013

Sam Humphries Talks Psylocke

Uncanny X-Force writer – Sam Humphries – answers Psylocke related questions on his Tumblr.

With Spiral on the team, is there any hope that we'll see Betsy's original body again?

Sam Humphries:
IF I AM NOT MISTAKEN Betsy’s original body became Kwannon and Kwannon died and the body was destroyed. It was all very complicated and I had to hire a tudor to help me understand it all, so I think I am going to let poor Kwannon rest in peace.

Do you have plans to address some aspects of Psylocke's life that are barely touched anymore like that she's filthy rich or that she was a popular fashion model gracing the covers of Vogue or the friends she had back in England, I mean, this kind of stuff that is related to Betsy Braddock (not Psylocke). I feel like we barely know her apart from the superheroing side.

Sam Humphries:
Have you been reading my scripts??? Betsy is our central character so the short answer is yes. The other short answer is check out the first page of issue 3.

What sports would Psylocke follow? Football (soccer)? Rugby? Cricket?

Sam Humphries:
Good question. Probably none — she’s more into music and fashion. But I bet she enjoys a good MMA fight once in awhile.


Adrian Sandoval said...

He obviously forgot about the Other World arch in the first volume of Uncanny X-Force when Jamie Braddock re-created her real body and an explanation as to what happened to it was never given! The Shadow King should totally take it over though, it would be the ultimate insult.

Chris said...

He didn't forget anything. She didn't accept Jamie's offer, thus, that body doesn't exist.

Anyway, I'm here for development of Here's personal life.

FSaker said...

I liked her original body, but gotta agree with Humphries: the whole body swap mess is too confusing, so it's better not to make her swap bodies AGAIN...

So, Betsy's into music and fashion, eh? I wonder what kind of music she likes? She did wear a Rolling Stones t-shirt in AvX #6; can we assume she likes rock bands like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, The Who, etc.? Maybe something more recent like Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Muse, Oasis, Blur...? Does Betsy like young talents like Adele and Amy Winehouse, or are the Spice Girls what she wants, what she really really wants?

(yes, I only mentioned British musical acts)

SoulTapestry said...

Y'know something that no one ever thinks about is that Betsy's debut was in December 1976 and she appeared as Lady Mandarin in December 1989.

So she was only known as a Caucasian woman for 13 years. While she's been in the Asian body for 23 years - almost twice as long.

I think it's time for us to accept Betsy as she is.

@JJfroud said...

One of the biggest complaints people have regarding Psylocke's character is her whole complicated and slightly confusing history. The body swap thing has been done too many times with her, time to leave it alone. I love every incarnation of Betsy and I can't wait for how Humphries tackles her past, you can tell he has has a lot of love for Betsy and a tremendous amount of respext for her character.

sparkysnaffles said...

I'll hold my hands up, I'm a fan of her Brit body XD

BUT as much as I think it could have been cool to see it returned, my main issue with her Asian self is more the point that is covered in the second question - we see a LOT of Psylocke the ninja and not so much the person she actually is and was. Just changing the shell of her doesn't take away the essence and I'd like to see more of that than often gets covered.

If Humphries is going to do a lot of exploration into that side of her, that'll make me far happier than returning her Caucasian form, to be perfectly honest!

Also, I always had her down as a bit of a rugby fan, but that might just be me >.>

Matt L said...

As far as music goes, I did see one artist draw her in a Joy Division t-shirt, which absolutely thrilled me.

Miss_Braddock said...

A way they could kinda of settle the body swap thing is if they go with the theory that Kwannon was a mixed race half caucasian half Japanese woman which would account for her unuasal height and weight for a Japanese ninja female and would also explain why Betsy is always drawn more caucasian with a sharp nose than Asian button style nose.

After all we don't know much about Kwannon's back story but I've always thought it was weird that she would be so tall and heavy for a Japanese woman!
She might not have been originally Japanese.

As for sports as an upper class British lady Betsy would be probably be more inclined to follow Rugby, field hockey and polo and other equestrian style events! And also the posh folk go skiing alot and she was shown skiing when she was first abducted by Mojo and Spiral!

Brian said...

The body swap storyline a bit of a mess, but if I recall correctly Spiral intermingled Psylocke and Kwannon's DNA during the switch, which explained how Wolverine first recognized Asian Psylocke, and also explained how he was unable to tell the two women apart with his enhanced senses. So, even though her body is Asian she still retains some part other original features.

I've always imagined that Psylocke, while beautiful, has rather unusual features. I imagine her as an uncommonly tall and sturdy Japanese woman with purple hair and eyes and face that is equal parts Asian and Anglo-Saxon. Not someone you see every day, sort of like Berenice Marlohe from Skyfall, who is of Chinese, Cambodian, and French descent (and is smokin' hot, incidentally).

Australian Outback said...

I know a number of Asian girls who are 5'10 and up and also a number of them with sort of racially 'neutral' (for lack of a better term) noses. There are some features that are typical but it's not that uncommon to see people with some degree of feature-specific uniqueness.

Tazirai said...

I love that pic of her sitting there, but she's too skinny in that shot.
Her back story and history is REALLY not that confusing. You have to remember Nicienza was the one who didnt study the character, and turned her into the Caricature she was for the whole 90's. If she gets her original body back, I'd be thrilled, as i'm a fan of it, and Her Brothers are obviously NOT Asian, so I think she should look like her twin.
People who get confused can google Psylocke and read the wiki. It's really not that hard.
Professor X has had MULTIPLE bodies over the years, his original body is BEYOND Dead, the one from Giant sized X-men? GONE! So Psylocke getting her original look back is no stretch of imagination, and is really quite easy, especially with Marvel people coming back all the time.
If they leave her in the Eurasian body, I'm fine as long as they acknowledge she is not of Japanese heritage, and stop showing all the Stereotypical Japanese things around her all the time. Keep her out of the thong, and treat her as a true character.. and stop making her so dang angry.

British Betsy went through the RINGER, multiple times, and didn't turn bitter, Eurasian Betsy can do the same.