Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ultimate Comics X-Men #21 Spoilers & Art

Spoilers: Tony Stark holds a press conference so Kitty can introduce the sentient seed to the world as a gift from mutantkind to humans. Some think it can end word hunger and consolidate the peach between both races, while others are suspicious of its effect. Mysterious businesses meet and decide the seed works against their interests. They want to get rid of the remaining mutants. On the following day, Stark warns Kitty that she may be prepared for backlash both from humans and mutants themselves. Kitty says she’s not interested in fighting anymore. Meanwhile, Blackheath is upset that Kitty is taking all the credit for the seed. Storm argues that it’s just Stark using her to make the mutants look good.  In Tian, Liz and Derek say that the mutants are impressed by Kitty’s accomplishment. Karen tells them not to fall for the hype as Utopia will never last. In Utopia, Mach Two, Psylocke and Warpath plot against Kitty. Psylocke says she has the right person to use so they can discredit Kitty. At night, mercenary killers invade Utopia and shoot at the mutants, who fight back, much to Kitty’s annoyance. Stark warns them that if someone hired them to send a message, things will get much worse.


FSaker said...

Ultimate Psylocke is being such a b****... Brian Wood is making me very curious to find out her reasons.

That's weird anyway, because Ultimate Kitty seems to be a likeable person. Unlike 616-Kitty, who annoys me every time she acts as a self-righteous b**** (in other words, EVERYTIME).

marvel_Boy96 said...

I hate 616- Kitty. She is so annoying. I never really liked her. ~ I think that ultimate Kitty is okay but the fact that she is Kitty makes me dislike her. ~ and I don't feel that that character is psylocke. Obviously she will be a poser or will die soon. I was happy When she came back but I feel like she yet haven't, it's a completely new character.