Friday, January 4, 2013

Ultimate Comics X-Men #21 Preview

Ultimate Comics X-Men #21
Writer: Brian Wood & Nathan Edmondson

Art by: Carlo Barberi
Cover by: Michael Ryan
• Guest-starring the IRON PATRIOT!
• What is the Sentient Seed and why does everyone want it?


FSaker said...

Tony Stark is Iron Patriot in the Ultimate universe?? I didn't know that! Cool!

I hope this issue will finally explain why Ultimate Psylocke is acting the way she's been acting since her return... I also hope the explanation won't be simply that Brian Wood didn't know about her past in Ultimate X-Men and just decided to create an Ultimate version of her (ignoring that she already existed there) as a new villain.

Eduardo said...

It could be just as simple as to expose that she used the amplifying power of cerebra to insert in everyone's minds that she was dead to protect herself or whatever...because it is pretty lame to levae that simply untouched.

Enny Giwa said...

Read the X-Positions, guys, he's going to give an explanation. He's already been asked about it.

Antone Poitier said...

I'm very interested in this. This recent personality on Betsy is VERY sneaky.

Tazirai said...

It's basically how 80's Betsy acted. Shady lil thing aint she? lol