Wednesday, July 18, 2012

X-Men #32 Spoilers

Spoilers: Psylocke telepathically calms down the proto-mutant, and the X-Men bring him to their jet. Storm and Colossus disagree about whether or not to brief Scott over their latest discoveries. Storm threatens Colossus should he jump the gun. Hunter, the student who was supposed to analyze the proto-mutant's sample, contacts Storm and says their camp lab was trashed, noticing their files are missing. Storm orders her to hide the sample as they'll find her later. It turns out the proto-mutant only speaks an old-fashioned rural dialect of Russian, so Colossus asks Magik to drop by. Magik finds out that Ister (that's his name) and the other Proto-mutants were exterminated about 600 years ago by humans and buried in a mass grave.  Someone found this grave and is now cloning them and letting them loose. Magik wants to go back in time to stop this. Storm disagrees. Psylocke comforts Storm and assures her she's doing the right thing. At Dr. Gray's lab, he decides to shut Ister off since he became a liability. Before Ister dies, Psylocke enters his mind and finds all about Dr. Gray and what he's doing.


CmX said...

Another great issue! What a great x-title! Hope it sticks around ;'(

Eduardo said...

This book is really getting better. The plot is intriguing and not boring. It is good to see Psylocke having a major issue and responsible for gathering vital information for the team.

treysome said...

I cringe everything I see Pixie