Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Uncanny X-Force #27 Spoilers

Spoilers (thanks slacker!): Mystique reveals she poisoned Fantomex during the sex, which shut down his mutant abilities. Mystique tells him he'd better be dead than see what they've done to Betsy. Fantomex manages to run away using EVA and tracks down Psylocke in New York. Meanwhile, Sabretooth get his hands on Genesis. Fantomex enters the hotel room and finds Farouk mocking Betsy, saying she's in the bathroom.  Fantomex finds Betsy crying and shaking in the bathtub, all delirious and is sobbing over "killing all of them". The Skinless Man comes in and calls out Fantomex for misdirecting Psylocke into loving him. Fantomex gets rids of him for a moment and puts his mask on Psylocke, cutting the connection the Shadow King had over her due to the dampening plates. Fantomex tosses Psylocke into EVA and orders her to go. Farouk messes with Fantomex's three brains while the Skinless Man grabs him, and rips his heart out, all while telling him how they got Genesis and will use him to kill billions and that it was all his fault. EVA ferries Psylocke to Carven X and tells Betsy to revenge Fantomex's death; EVA is dying as well.  Psylocke says that the sorrow Farouk generated in her felt good, to finally let it all out and confesses she had feelings for Fantomex after all. Psylocke meets Gateway out of Cavern X, all the while Humanoid EVA arises in front of them. The three of them go back to Cavern X and gather with Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Deadpool. Daken comes onto their big screen TV, revealing himself as the Brotherhood leader. Ultimaton, standing behind Gateway suddenly snaps his neck. Daken says without Fantomex's control, Ultimaton returns to his natural programming "Killing mutants". Cavern X is nuked. And the new Brotherhood and Omega Clan watch on, with Genesis under Daken's arm, and Fantomex dead in a chair. To be continued...

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