Thursday, July 12, 2012

AvX: VS #4 Art


FSaker said...

Beautiful art!

Brandon Peterson draws a beautiful Psylocke. So does Mike Deodato Jr., who showed a gorgeous Psylocke in this week's New Avengers #28.

This was a great week for people who like Psylocke!

Brian said...

Meh. She should've knifed him.

I agree that the art is good, though.

Eduardo said...

Veeery nice art. And a different ending. He made her stop and think...otherwise, he sure would have lost the battle, 'cause he was cornered.

QKC said...

AvX FUN FACT: Psylocke's Psychic Knife can cause neurological collapse. Only if it doesn't disempower a male character. She used it on him. That would have ended the fight.