Wednesday, May 16, 2012

X-Solicits for August 2012

Uncanny X-Force #29 & 30
Writer: Rick Remender
Art: Julian Totino Tedesco (#29)
Art: David Williams (#30)
Cover by: Jerome Opeña
• It’s all built to this: “Final Execution” enters its last act!
• The new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants makes their move!
• Fantomex’s deceptions come back to haunt the team!

X-Men #33 & 34
Writer: Brian Wood
Art: David Lopez (#33)
Art: Roland Boschi
Cover by: Jorge Molina
• The history of the Proto Mutants is revealed!
• Mr. Grey makes his move against the X-Men…and it’s not what any of them are expecting!
• Colossus makes a decision that could endanger the entire team.
• Storm’s field agents are kidnapped and a weapon of the X-Men’s making goes missing

Avengers vs. X-Men #9
Jason Aron
Art: Adam Kubert
Cover by: Jim Cheung
Variant cover by: Ryan Stegman
Avengers Team & X-Men Team Variants also available
Kubert Variant also available
Promo Variant also available
Stegman Sketch Variant also available
• Their numbers dwindling, the Avengers stage a daring raid on the X-Men’s prison to rescue their captive members—and you won’t believe where it is!
• Alliances begin to change as the nature of the Phoenix becomes apparent!
• And in the end, it all comes down to Spider-Man!

Avengers vs. X-Men #10
Ed Brubaker
Art: Olivier Coipel
Cover by: Jim Cheung
Variant cover by Nick Bradshaw also available
Bradshaw Sketch Variant also available
Avengers Team & X-Men Team Variants also available
Promo Variant also available
• Time is running out as the Avengers are cornered in their last stronghold!
• But the stakes change when Hope and the Scarlet Witch join forces! Why?! How?!


Miss_Braddock said...


FSaker said...

Maybe it's not Psylocke... remember, Mystique is in the new Brotherhood of Mutants. She may be posing as Psylocke. Or Shadow King is mentally controlling either Logan and the other two guys (Punisher and a really old Cable, it seems) or Betsy.

I'm honestly worried about how AvX will end. Solicits may give us a false impression, but these ones seem to put the X-Men as the clear villains, to the point that Hope and Scarlet Witch joining forces change the stakes (meaning maybe Hope will side AGAINST the X-Men...). And the solicit for Wolverine and the X-Men mention that he will assemble a team of "original X-Men" (consisting of himself, Professor X, Beast, Iceman, nu-Angel and Rachel as Jean's replacement) - probably to take down Cyclops's X-Men. I dislike Cyclops, but I dislike even more how partial this event seems to be becoming (after Marvel promised us that "both sides would be equally right and wrong").

Speaking of AvX, two minor appearances for Psylocke this week: she appears saving nu-Angel from Hawkeye in AvX #4 (only one panel, but she looks good, she's beating an Avenger and she has lines!), and being sent by Cyclops to Wundagore with Magneto and Boom-Boom in UXM #12.

SoulTapestry said...

Spiderman looks like he's being sexually violated.