Thursday, May 3, 2012

Uncanny X-Force #25 Preview

Uncanny X-Force #25
Written by: Rick Remender
Pencils by: Mike McKone
Cover by: Jerome Opeña

The Story:
The epic saga The Final Execution begins here!
• Who are the Omegas and why must X-Force hunt them down?
• Included in this issue: Two rare stories by Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña starring Wolverine and Deadpool!

In Stores: May 9, 2012



JL81790 said...

Something about this and the Noto preview page of Fantomex at that brothel/club/whatever makes me think that the scene at the end of 24 didn't go much further. From Betsy's perspective who jumps the bones of another dude shortly after their boyfriend gets mind wiped, and minutes later leaves to go hang out with him? From Fantomex's who would finally take down the girl they wanted to hook up with, then watch her leave without saying a word, and then go hang around another bunch of women? My guess is Betsy kissed him to see if she actually had feelings for him now that her guilt/sorrow was gone and realized she didn't so she left. And by guess I mean "hope".

FSaker said...

Part of me wishes she would actually quit the X-Force. And not just to keep her safe from Remender's idea of killing two members of the team, but also because I think she deserves better than living as a killer, having to kill her own lover and her own brother (Jamie also being her FAVORITE brother) and all that.

But then, the other part of me remembers that Remender's UXF is the best current X-book (and probably the best current Marvel book, overall), and if Betsy leaves she will only be in X-Men vol.3 (which the new writer may turn into a better book than it is nowadays, but I'm not very hopeful about that) and Uncanny X-Men (and although Gillen is a good writer, he made it clear that Psylocke is only a substitute member, never a true member of the Extinction Team - therefore, she'll never be really important in it).

So, in the end I guess she'd better stay in UXF while we hope with all our strength that Remender won't kill her...

FSaker said...

By the way, Psylocke appears in the preview for Wolverine and the X-Men #10. But it's a very small appearance; we can see her in the top left corner of the two-page panel where Avengers and X-Men are shown fighting each other.

It looks like Cyclops will ask for shelter in Logan's school. I wonder if Psylocke will threaten to reveal the existence of X-Force to the Avengers if he doesn't allow the Utopia X-Men in the school...

Psylocke82 said...

I agree Fsaker, they should keep Psylocke alive, and Remender probably will due to Psylocke being dead so long before (from 2001-2005). Plus, that would seem too easy to kill one of the only members on the team with NO healing factor. It sucks that Uncanny X-Force will probably change drastically by the end of this arc. Art withstanding, it by far is my favorite comic on the shelves right now. Psylocke NEEDS a book, this is it!!!! Plus, I think writers have more in store for Psylocke and Magneto. They put the 2 of them on panel waaay too much to just let that be it.

Brian said...

She'll be back.

Matt L said...

There's no way Psylocke will be killed any time soon. She's far too popular.