Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Uncanny X-Force #25 Spoilers

Spoilers: Sabretooth is spying on Genesis at the School and assures someone else that Evan is indeed Apocalypse just like the 'fat man' (probably the Shadow King) had told them. Back to Cavern X, Psylocke tells Fantomex that they only had a one-night stand to satisfy her curiosity and that it won't ever happen again. Meanwhile, in Paris, Deadpool is on a mission to infiltrate The White Sky Showroom, a facility that turns people into weapons and sells them. Deadpool pretends to be a buyer and learns everything he can about the facility. The seller tells him that the Omega Clan, their most expensive murderers derived from the actual Omega Red, has been purchased and that they're after Deadpool and his friends. Deadpool is then ambushed. Back to Cavern X, Nightcrawler wants X-Force to go after the Blob, and we learn that the Blob killed Kurt's wife. Psylocke tells Logan she's quitting X-Force as she can't take it any longer. Fantomex decides to quit as well. Betsy visits the School, and Kitty tells her Warren still hasn't showed any trace of his former life. Kitty wants Betsy to see him, but she just leaves the school. Wolverine and Kurt go to the White Sky Showroom to retrieve Deadpool, and end up facing the Omega Clan.


@JJfroud said...

This arc is going to be so intense. I really want to know who the new leader of the brotherhood is!!

JL81790 said...

What a bummer. Was hoping they wouldn't wind up sleeping together even though Betsy was using him exactly how I thought she would. What bugs me is that she said "It'll never happen again" with her off panel, which, to me, means it'll either happen again in two issues, or one of them will die.

treysome said...

Ts Sabertooth just doing the same sh@t he was doing before he died?