Friday, June 3, 2011

IGN's 25 Greatest X-Men Stories ranked Uncanny X-Force's arc "Apocalypse Solution" as their 8th greatest X-Men story of all time. Even beating out Grant Morrison's New X-Men! Here's what they had to say about the series:

How can such a recent story claim such a high place on this list? Uncanny X-Force is just that good. Rick Remender combines modern storytelling sensibilities with many of the elements fans love about the '80s and '90s-era X-Men into one fast-paced and engaging series.

In this volume of X-Force, Wolverine and Archangel are co-captains of a secret band of mutant assassins, unbeknown to the rest of the X-Men. Their first battle pits the new X-Force against a resurrected Apocalypse and his new horsemen.

The Apocalypse Solution" shines for two reasons above all else. For one, Jerome Opena's work is gorgeous in its texture, choreography, and energetic execution. For another, Remender shows a deep understanding of his protagonists, mining characters like Psylocke and Fantomex for all they're worth.

This series is less than a year old, and it's already clear Remender is crafting one of the best X-Men sagas in the franchise's long history.

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FSaker said...

It is a great story, indeed.

However, I saw that list, and while Whedon's Astonishing X-Men is amazing, it definitely doesn't deserve the #1 spot. Maybe #3, behind Claremont's Dark Phoenix Saga and Morrison's New X-Men, but not #1.