Monday, June 27, 2011

Jason Aaron on Schism & Regenesis

Preview art from Schism #2 by Frank Cho
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treysome said...

I assume that will be Psylocke's role in the Schism issues, is that Dazzler?

whitephoenix said...

I didn't know psychic blades work on Sentinels. I think Dazzler has a new costume though I'm not too fond of it so far.

FSaker said...
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FSaker said...

@whitephoenix - Maybe she's using telekinesis instead of telepathy against the Sentinel? Since it was established that she now has both powers, sometimes it's hard to tell which one she's using (like when she fought Dark Beast in the Utopia event).

Wow, Dazzler got a new outfit already... and Betsy is still stuck with the bathing suit? That sucks.

But at least she's appearing somehow in Schism. I don't think she'll get a prominent role in it (in fact, I think only Scott, Logan and Hope's team will manage to get some spotlight), but at least she's not forgotten in it.

Rahsaan said...

I really really hope Northstar and Daz get more play in the X-books after Schsim. These panels just reinforce that. I hate just seeing them in action scenes with no dialogue.

Esepcially, Northstar. With the recent Marriage Equality Law passed here in NY, I feel like there's so much story that can be told with Northstar. Especially, if one of the post-Schism teams moves back to Westchester. He and his black boyfriend could discuss the possibility of marriage. Even discuss parallels with the struggle of mutants, blacks and gays , as well as interracial unions and the prejudice they face. Just thinking aloud.

And I hope they're on the same team with Pyslocke! The three would be great friends.

Alexander said...

Is that Northstar or Aurora? The drawings give it a female shape. Dazzlers costume seems the same except they gave her a boob window.

She was the only female on the team with an actual battle ready/practical costume. We all know female superheroes can't be dressed practical.

Rahsaan said...


It's actually both the siblings. If you look toward Aurora's head, you'll notice Northstar's legs.

As for Dazz, I don't think that's a "boob window," but actually a burst of light like she used to have on her old blue costume's cleavage back in the old days. I actually dig it. It's like her new costume pays homage to her disco one (with the silver) and the blue one with light bursts on the chest and ankle. Now if only the writers will pay homage, and give her some real storyline.