Monday, May 23, 2011

X-Men: Schism Teaser

CBR: New Schism teaser released by Marvel :)


Brian said...

I hope we see Psylocke vs. Emma in this arc.

whitephoenix said...

I hope Psylocke wins! They seem to be equal on telepathy but since Remender isn't writing, Psylocke has tk to back her up plus she is a trained killer.

Brian said...

I think she has a shot, even if Emma is the stronger telepath. One of Psylocke's talents (IMO) has always been taking out people who have more raw power than her. Though I suppose it depends solely on the writer.

Eduardo said...

Will they find out about Uncanny X-Force in Schism maybe?

treysome said...

It'll be either Psylocke/Emma/Cuckoos vs each other but what about Nova and Quire who will show up later as well. Battle of the minds.

FSaker said...

Actually we don't know if Cassandra Nova will appear in Schism, as far as I know. We know that Quentin Quire will, but he will most likely be the common enemy for both sides of the schism (even though he has already repented himself in Morrison's New X-Men and later in Phoenix: Endsong).

Maybe Cyclops will find out about Uncanny X-Force, but it would be quite hypocritical of him to get upset about it, since Scott himself used to run X-Force not long ago.

As for Psylocke vs. Emma... unfortunately, I think the X-Editors's hard-on for the White Queen would define that Emma would win, regardless of Jason Aaron's opinion. It sucks, but... well, we don't know if they will actually be in opposite sides of the Schism, anyway. If Aaron makes Emma stay on Logan's side, that will be awesome!

jarim77 said...

If Aaron makes Emma stay on Logan's side, that will be awesome!

I was just thinking that.
But I think that would be way too intersting to actually happen.
Unfortunently Emma will most likely continue to be Scott's little lap dog.