Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Uncanny X-Force #10 Spoilers

Spoilers: The Shadow King, as Amahl Farouk, visits a newspaper office where he gives a reporter evidence of Warren Worthington and Wolverine killing anyone who is a threat to their agenda. The reporter sees the video of Archangel killing the employer at the nuclear facility and calls his editor, telling him of the evidence he's got. The editor decides to call Warren, as he is the owner of the newspaper. Psylocke warns Wolverine that Warren might be in trouble, so Logan decides to go after him. Archangel meets the editor and kills him, then he collects the confidential files. Archangel then goes to the reporter's house, aiming to kill him too. Wolverine arrives and stops Archangel. They keep on fighting each other, until Psylocke arrives and puts Archangel to sleep, using her psy-knife. Betsy also uses her telepathy to makes the reporter forget everything that has happened. Back in Cavern-X, X-Force decides to seek an Apocalypse servant, in hopes it can be explained how to get rid of the Archangel persona, so the team decides to rescue Dark Beast out of prison. Dark Beast explains that Warren is in ascension into becoming the Heir of Apocalypse, since Apocalypse is dead. The only way to reverse the "ascension" is by cleaning the Death seed in Warren using a Life see. The problem is the Life Seed can only be found at The Age of Apocalypse...

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