Wednesday, May 18, 2011

X-Force News From Twitter

Rick Remender just revealed a new Uncanny X-Force cover via Twitter. The art by Esad Ribic features the return of the Final Horsemen from X-Force's first arc. I suspect it's the cover for issue #14, which will be penciled by Jerome Opeña and hit the stores in August.

Remender also told his followers that he and his editors are already working on stories for X-Force second year. It looks like X-Force editor, Jody LeHeup, got approval for bringing in a character they wanted for the role of main villain in Year 2. Remender also talked about locking down a tremendous crossover, but it's not clear if said crossover is planned for X-Force or Venom. In time, X-Force Year 1 will wrap up with issue #18, the conclusion for The Dark Angel Saga.

Meanwhile, Mark Brooks also teased his followers by posting two new panels from The Dark Angel Saga. One with Wolverine, and another one with what looks like MODOK.


FSaker said...

Cool news, thanks for sharing it with us!

Wow, so the X-Force will need to fight the Final Horsemen (a.k.a. the best Horsemen EVER)... Dark Beast... Holocaust (if I'm not mistaken, Remender said it's going to be a new character since the old Holocaust died in Exiles, right?)... and Archangel... AT THE SAME TIME?? Damn, that's gonna be tough!

I don't know how Year 2 will be for Uncanny X-Force, but Year 1 is already outstanding and it seems it will end up being nothing short of EPIC!!

treysome said...

the pencils for that wolverine one is awesome. Looks like Remender is full speed ahead, can't wait to see everything.