Saturday, December 18, 2010

Uncanny X-Force #3 Spoilers

Spoilers: First, we are introduced to the Final Horsemen. Decimus Furius, the minotaur, is War. Jeb Lee, a confederate spy, is Famine. Ichisumi, the geisha, is Pestilence. Sanjar Javeed, the Persian, is Death. All were plucked by Apocalypse and Ozymandias from different points in time to be the Final Horsemen, to be awoken only when all other approaches have failed. They have utterly defeated the X-Forcers and were awaiting word from Kid Apocalypse as to what to do with the fallen heroes. Kid Apocalypse doesn't really want to give the death order, so Ozymandias gives the order for him. Luckily for X-Force, that delay gives Fantomex and Psylocke the opportunity to recover. Betsy turns off his ears, so he can be safe from Famine's bio-sonic consumption. She also disconnects his peripheral and nociceptor nerves in order to turn off his pain. Fantomex then begins to use his powers of misdirection to cause some of the Horsemen to attack each other, while he gets the near dead Wolverine away from the fight. Deadpool tries to help Archangel, who was severely affected by Famine's powers. War, still in love with Psylocke (see issue #1), takes her prisoner instead of simply killing her. After Fantomex's misdirection wears off, the rest of the Horsemen retreat to their base and prepare to lift-off. Psylocke, who made it inside, flirts with War, and gets close enough to him to drive her psychic knife into his skull, incapacitating him. The ship is about to take off, and Wolverine, Fantomex, Deadpool and Archangel are left behind. This issue ends with Psylocke approaching a frightened Kid Apocalypse, who was innocently playing with some action figures.

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FSaker said...

So the Horsemen are still alive?

Good! They showed so much potential that it would be a waste to kill them now.

I know many people that read this blog think Apocalypse and his Horsemen should be destroyed permanently, and I agree. But I think it shouldn't happen now; Remender should do what Kyle and Yost did with Bastion: first present the threat, then let the villain prepare a master plan while the X-Force has to face other threats (like the Deathloks in the next arc), then only after approximately 20 issues have Apocalypse making a final strike with his Horsemen against the X-Force.

That, I believe, is the ideal formula. Well, but unlike Kyle and Yost, Remender should try his best to avoid crossovers (K&Y's X-Force was great, but it had three crossovers in a short amount of time, making the series weaker with Necrosha and Second Coming), and specially avoid that his final arc becomes another X-over, since that means Fraction would ruin it.