Thursday, December 16, 2010

Peter Milligan Talks "5 Ronin"

ComicBookMovie: Peter Milligan sets Wolverine, Psylocke, The Punisher, Deadpool and The Hulk down in feudal Japan, a place with love and danger.

Peter Milligan On How The Characters Are Portrayed:
“These characters are all icons, but they're all very different, with very different and contrasting psychological make-ups,”. “Whereas Psylocke and Wolverine could be said to possess cunning, The Punisher is a relentless blunt and deadly weapon."

Peter Milligan Explains How The Hulk Is Portrayed Differently Than In Normal Comics:
"Hulk - at least how Hulk is portrayed in this story - is different again. A seeker of truth and control the monster inside oneself is the greatest form of enlightenment."

Milligan Also Explains That The Characters Are Like There Normal Counterparts In Some Ways But The World They Are In Is Differents:
“These characters are very recognizable [in 5 Ronin]. To all extent and purposes they are the same characters; there'd be no point using them if they weren't very much like their Marvel Universe [counterparts]. In fact, that's what interesting about the story; seeing these heroes put into a different world and pitched against different problems. The world they find themselves in is a world in flux, and our heroes are also in states of flux, which is of course the most interesting and revealing condition for heroes to be in.”

As masterless samurai—“ronin”—the five make their way through the countryside of their own accord, but a shared fate will set them on the same path. Each issue details their stories, every chapter revealing another piece of the greater epic.

Again Milligan Explains That The Characters Will Have Crossing Paths Leading To The Same Destination:
“Their fate is to be caught up in the seismic shifts of a changing world,” Milligan says. “Unaware of each others' existence our heroes will come to learn that one man has had a terrible effect on all their lives. It is this one man who draws [them] together, so that their brutal paths cross.”

Although Milligan Says That He Has A Favorite Of All Of The Characters:
“I like them all, but the way that Psylocke has emerged from this book really moved and intrigued me.”

Milligan Also Praises His Editors In The Project:
“[Editors] Axel Alonso and then Sebastian Girner called me and asked if I was interested in this sort of thing,” Says Milligan. “Sebastian and I then spent a lot of time talking throwing ideas and notes back and forth and honing the concept, storyline and characters. I had to do a lot of research for this story. But the great thing about Sebastian is that he has such a passion for Japan and all things Japanese that he was a wonderful source of knowledge and enlightenment.”

Along Side Milligan On This Project Are:
Artists (rotating): Tomm Coker, Dalibor Talajic, Laurence Campbell, Goran Parlov and Leandro Fernandez
Editors: Axel Alonso and Sebastian Girner


FSaker said...

So this isn't really OUR Psylocke, just an alternate Psylocke who is very similar to the 616 one but lives in Feudal Japan. That's a relief.

Milligan has got my attention now. RONIN 5 may turn out to be interesting and good, after all. Plus, I gotta admit that this artwork of Psylocke in a kimono is very pretty!

Brian said...

I'm totally sold on this series.

centurion said...

@Fsaker - Hey. These alternate versions of Psylocke constantly remind us of the "what if", especially what could have been fashioned into 616 Betsy's character had a writer taken route A or B etc. Most importantly, it may offer glimpses as to where writes are more likely to be successful in fashioning 616 Betsy's persona. I will pick this up, but I'm more concerned whether Betsy will be returning to Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Some rumors are that she may be a playable character introduced in the "hand stage" circulating on the internet.