Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Psylocke Heads to Feudal Japan

CBR: Wolverine. Psylocke. The Punisher. Hulk. Deadpool. Five of Marvel's deadliest heroes will come to the fore this March for a series unlike any other in 5 RONIN. Bound together by the same fate, yet alone in their existence, they are forced to walk the lonely path of the masterless samurai in the violent and tumultuous world of feudal Japan.

Crafted by writer Peter Milligan and a rotating cast of today's hottest artists, 5 RONIN is a month-long event with covers from some of the biggest names in the industry. To celebrate the release of this series, retailers will have the opportunity to order two different covers per issue, one by superstar artist David Aja and one by another industry favorite.

“What would the ultimate samurai super hero epic look like? The answer is 5 RONIN” explains Editor Sebastian Girner. “When we came up with the idea of taking our biggest heroes and setting them in this time period, writer Peter Milligan and the amazingly talented cast of artists immediately jumped on board. This is easily one of the most beautiful comics you will read this year.”

Each of the 5 seeks revenge, but against whom? And what powerful secret connects these these lone warriors? 5 RONIN will examine the true face of Marvel's most solitary characters against a majestic -- and bloodstained -- backdrop.

5 Ronin #1 - #5
Written by: Peter Milligan
Penciled by: Tomm Coker, Dalibor Talajic, Laurence Campbell, Goran Parlov & Leandro Fernandez
Covers by: John Cassaday, Mark Brooks, Giuseppe Camuncoli, David Mack, Ed McGuiness & David Aja
Parental Advisory …$2.99 (each)


FSaker said...

This cover is gorgeous!

But... a samurai story in Feudal Japan with Hulk, Punisher and Deadpool?? Written by Peter Milligan??

I'm scared to even imagine how this will turn out...

Rahsaan said...

Couldn't agree more, FSaker!

bla said...

I understand Psylocke & Wolverine. & am very excited about them.
BUT WTF!! wtff! The other 3 make no sense.
I understand these are their 5 biggest characters (I think after a decade of waiting for it to happen, Psylocke is finally one of their "extremely A listers!!" up there with Wolverine. Or at least they are marketing her this way - especially as she gets to shine in UXF, & now.. this.)
So anyway, I understand these are 5 of their big characters, (I'm surprised they left Spiderman out if all this title is meant for is to make money. At least that's the reason I assume it's made, because the other 3 characters don't make any F*ing sense)
SO I suppose we'll see. That cover is AMAZING & I will likely get it just for that. But wow.. hopefully they will surprise us.
But Hulk.. hahaha

Chris said...

Well, it doesn't have to make sense. It's an alternate reality... we don't know anything about those 5 characters other than they are not their 616 counterparts. ^^

I'm looking forward to it!

Brian said...

F*** yeah. I love that Psylocke is finally being noticed again (and in a good way this time!) I will be buying this.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I get it. Is this definitely an Alternate Universe story or are 616 Psylocke and the rest going to be sent back in time to Feudal Japan?

Chris said... says it's a story set in seventeenth-century Japan. So I guess this is an alternate reality... like reinventing these characters if they lived in the Seventeenth-century.