Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Carey Looks To Marvel U's Past and Future

X-Men Legacy #242 Preview Art

CBR: "Legacy" #242 hits stores in November, kicking off a new two-part arc titled "Fables of the Reconstruction," which will be drawn by Paul Davidson ("New Mutants"). "In retrospect, this is a story that I probably should have done before 'Collision' because it follows on and picks up some of the dangling threads of 'Second Coming.' In 'Second Coming,' we saw San Francisco get pretty comprehensively trashed by the battle between the Nimrods and the X-Men. 'Fables of the Reconstruction' is about the ongoing rebuilding of the city. It's being conducted by the civil authorities, but Cyclops is very keen to make sure that the X-Men play their part. There's a sense in which he feels responsible for it, at least in part, but also he realizes that this is a way of reaching out to the human community and showing them that the X-Men don't take their commitment to the area they live in lightly.

"Cyclops puts together a team who are directed to help with the rebuilding," Carey continued. "It's a team of real power house characters: Psylocke, Magneto, Colossus, Omega Sentinel, Danger, Hellion and Random. Rogue and Hope go along also. But things don't go quite according to plan and we end up with a very, very tense and dangerous situation between some of the members of that group."

Omega Sentinel played a role in Carey's run on the previous "X-Men" series and, just like the Children of the Vault, the writer has been looking for a way to bring her back into the spotlight ever since. "If you remember when the previous adjectiveless 'X-Men' title became 'X-Men: Legacy,' she was involved again then. We saw her go over to the Acolytes. It was always part of my long term plan to bring her back here," Carey explained. "Really, one of the central threads here relates to Hellion and his attempt to come to terms with the injuries that he sustained in 'Second Coming.' What I've done is put him and Omega Sentinel into a conflict that relates directly to that trauma."

Readers of "Second Coming" will recall that Hellion lost both of his hands in an assault on the X-Men by a horde of cybernetic Nimrod class Sentinels, and his notorious temper just might get the better of him during his interactions with Omega Sentinel, who is also a cyborg. "There's more going on than that, but yes, he's clearly not going to like or trust Omega Sentinel. She's based on Bastion's technology after all, so she's not a million miles away from the robots that did the harm to him," Carey said. "Omega Sentinel has problems of her own, though, and unfortunately, they bring her into opposition with Hellion: it's an opposition that doesn't do either of them any good."


FSaker said...

Nice team (except for Random), Carey does know how to create unexpected team combinations! It will be interesting to see the mechanical ladies, Danger and Omega Sentinel, interacting. Hellion's status is interesting as well, and Betsy's presence doesn't hurt it either!

Although X-Men Legacy is interesting the way it currently is, Carey should make a regular team to be its focus (even if this regular team is joined by other X-Men during each arc). Rogue can be the leader or the main character if he wants to, but Legacy should have a team. Even if Psylocke isn't part of it.

The Great Black North said...

I love Omega Sentinel! I remember when she was on rogues team with Lady Mastermind, mystique and the other guys.

I wonder if Besty can help Hellion cope with his injuries! Maybe she can help him finely tune his Telekinesis since he's young and inexperienced.

FSaker said...

Does anyone else remember that Omega Sentinel used to be Thunderbird III (a.k.a. Psylocke's former lover)'s girlfriend? That is, before she was turned into a human sentinel and he joined the X-Men?

Betsy and her will certainly have A LOT to talk about...

The Great Black North said...


I almost forgot that omega sentinel and thunder III were lovers.

The writer will probably ignore that fact the same way they never had Besty really interact with husk during the x-men legacy necrosha issues when they were fight Proteus.

It would be great if they did have the two girls address the issue though.

Anonymous said...

I would rather they ignored it.