Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Uncanny X-Men #510 Spoilers

Spoilers: Pixie teleports X-23 and Armor out of the mansion when Chimera is about to attack them. Meanwhile, the Red Queen commands Spiral to bring in a new playmate to Wolverine: Psylocke, wearing her classic Outback armor, appears and attacks Logan. In the meantime, Emma overcomes Lady Mastermind's psychic restraints (with a little help from someone at the White Hot Room) and knocks her out. Afterwards, Emma helps Cyclops, Northstar and Dazzler, who were all also stuck in a illusion. Wolverine and Psylocke keep fighting brutally, and the Red Queen orders Deathstrike to attack him too. While he's busy, the Red Queen enters Logan's room and grabs a little box, that was over his dresser. Pixie looks for Elixir and the Cuckoos, who were away, and teleports them inside the mansion. Elixir heals the X-Men; the Cuckoos fight with Chimera; and Pixie uses her soul dagger on Empath, after she realizes he led the Sisterhood there. The main battle continues, and Logan says he won't hold back, because Betsy isn't quite herself. The Red Queen says she already has what they came for, therefore Spiral teleports all of the Sisterhood girls out. Logan is willing to kill Psylocke, but Spiral tells him that if he harms her, she will kill the kids. Cyclops reaches Wolverine and tells him to let Betsy go, thus she is teleported out of there too. Scott asks Logan what did they want in his room; and Wolverine says that they took something he had kept: a lock of Jean Grey's hair! To be continued...

Thoughts: I haven't read it yet, but from what I've been told here's what happens: Psylocke is still brainwashed and a Sisterhood member. She only uses her psi-knife, therefore I assume she's a telepath again! She gives Logan a hell of a fight, so again I assume she retains her ninja skills! And last but not least, she remains in her British body for the entire issue, even tough she's Asian on the cover. So let's not jump to conclusions because of future covers showing her as Asian. We still have one issue to go and anything can happen!


FSaker said...

Ooh, Psylocke AND Lady Deathstrike teaming up. That sounds AMAZING!!

Wasn't Empath arrested, running away from the police or something like that? And it's quite weird that there was a man in the Sisterhood group (even if he's just a servant, as well as Psylocke).

Okay, so the Red Queen wants to clone Jean Grey... couldn't she just get some of Madelyne Pryor's remains instead? That would be much easier (although of course, the story wouldn't be very interesting then).

As for Psylocke, I'd prefer if she keeps the British body (I'm actually even going to accept the ninja buttfloss suit if she at least keeps the British body; I mean, if that's the price for her to keep the British body, I accept it). But if she ends up back in the Asian body, that's okay too (but in that case, I won't accept the buttfloss suit). I just want Betsy alive, well written and relevant to the X-Men again. Oh, and with purple or lavender hair, please.

Giles said...

Oh bloody hell, issue 511 doesn't come out until the 10th of june! I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG!!!

Adam said...



That should be enough little stars I think.

Honestly I was really disappointed with this issue. It's still well written and the panels are pretty, but Psylocke really doesn't get a lot of face time, and almost nothing to say. Still totally glad she's back, but this isn't much of a "return" issue.

Giles said...

Um Adam, i don't think that you need to put up spoiler-warnings since this is a blog and not a forum, but I may be wrong about that. Although that's what I find so great about this blog, luckystar always manages to dig up the latest news and spoilers about Betsy the instant that they are published!

I feel soooo sorry for the Dazzler fans; one panel? Come on Fraction, what's up with that? And Emma (in her underwear) and her clones saves the day, that was just....crap in its purest form!

I'm a bit disappointed about the Logan-Betsy fight; if this IS Betsy (yes, I'm stil sceptical about this) that was in the Exiles, shouldn't her fighting skills, honed by both Sabertooth AND Ogun, be more of match against Wolverine than they appeared to have been? I'm hoping that she was faking her obediance and that she somehow restored her old psi-link with Logan, maybe they were just putting on a show for the Sisterhood, while telepathically making up plans together?

FSaker said...

Giles, now THAT would be a GREAT idea!

Unfortunately I don't think Fraction will work with this idea of Betsy and Logan making plans telepathically (even because the Red Queen would be able to read their minds, wouldn't she?). But hey, one can always have hope...

Giles said...

Ha ha ha, if there is one thing we Psylocke fans are good at FSaker, is to (live on) hope! The sad thing is that we keep hoping that the writers will write her as the great character that she is, but they keep on falling back to the 90's version of her, forgetting that the character is more than psychic knifes and bikinis.

And yeah, I thought about that, with all the telepaths present, but maybe the psi-link is so "special" that a telepath would have to actively force his or her way into the conversation? I dunno, I was jus so disappointed about her "Big Return" in this issue. But I promised myself that I wouldn't criticize Fraction in the midst of the Sisterhood story-line.

Btw FSaker, when the spoilers for #511 comes up, I promise you that I WILL BE the first to make a comment, you've beating me two times now! ;-)

Mirage said...

This whole issue was really disappointing... I agree that the art and writing (for the most part) were good, but a few things were REALLY off:

- Elixir and the Cuckoos having a tantric sex session?? What???

- Emma and the Cuckoos saving the day... come on now.

- Why did Spiral say "we have your children" ? What children did they take??

- Lack of Betsy. No one even mentioned her return during the pow-wow at the end. And why did Wolverine say she was dead? :(

FSaker said...

Maybe Spiral kidnapped Armor and X-23 after Pixie took them out of the Institute? Or maybe she kidnapped other students (Anole, Loa, Indra - it would suck, I know, but at least they would be getting some panel cameo time...).

As for Wolverine saying she was dead, he may be considering he fought Revanche, not Psylocke back to her old body. Or maybe the X-Men thought she died when she disappeared from Earth-616 (how stupid would they be? Then again, Rogue went missing during the whole Messiah CompleX saga and no one bothered to search for her or finding out if she was fine, so...). But let's hope she gets a better treatment in the next issue and in the Utopia crossover, otherwise it would be better for Fraction to just give Betsy to Carey's X-Men Legacy title.

And don't worry Giles, although commenting later, your post brought the better reflections on the story!

. said...

I think Spiral was just bluffing about having the kids. And Empath was down in the basement using his powers to mess with the X-Men. So we have one more issue, and Fraction has to make Psylocke turn to the good side again and resolve the whole Red Queen/Jean Grey's hair plot.

PsySpears said...

I still think we are in for a Betsy spotlight next issue,sure shes back,but not really,shes only a puppet at the moment.IM Loving that wolvie Vs Betsy splash page tho,purrty.

Oh by the way im new,add me if u want :)

PoP said...

Wolverine said it wasn't Psylocke in the body. Even in the issue before this he said it wasn't her. He almost killed this girl before Scott walked in. So I feel that whoever's in the British body is NOT Psylocke. Psylocke the Asian will probably gallantly return in the next issue. I hope it's not another body swap and I hope the British body sticks around. I love it. She put up a fierce fight with Wolverine so it proves she's still a warrior. They should have put the butterfly in the book though. And it shouldn't be called "The Return of Psylocke" since it isn't her, the ninja didn't return, and she isn't in it much. This comeback is disappointing. Uncanny is just a Scott / Emma / Pixie story and has so many other background characters that deserve to shine.

The issue looked pretty but the story was dumb. The girls getting ready to have tantric sex with one guy is gross.

Anonymous said...

She IS Psylocke. Get over it. What Wolverine meant is that she is not actually acting as herself. Remember last issue? Currently, she's all power and none of the personality. But she's the real Betsy. :)

The Phoenix King said...

This was an okay issue, but there were lots of little problems with it that ended up grating on me after a while. Seriously, how could the Cuckoos defeat Chimera when Armor and X-23 couldn't? Since when did Elixir become an infidilious (sp) Casanova type? And where's Surge, dang blast it! And that Greg Land...Seriously, I've kinda lost my patience with him here. Can't wait for Dodson to get back on this.

And very little of Psylocke too. I was hoping that this arc would give us some more character development for Betsy and focus on the woman, rather than endlessly re-hashing out the body swap, but it seems that I'll be disappointed here. In the interests of full disclosure, I'm an Asian Betsy fan and think that retreading over this old ground just complicates things more, but if they return her to her British body in a well-thought out and presented fashion, then I won't mind it. Just so long as Fraction realizes that Psylocke is more than just about the body swap and gives us some good characterization for her.


Anyways, can anyone explain to me the difference between the psi-knife and the psi-katana? I'm a relatively new Marvel reader (within the past five years or so), so the distinction between the two seems to be arbitrary and cosmetic at best. Can someone more informed on the subject help shed some details on it? Thanks!

Regardless, loving the blog. Just the sort of thing that a Psylocke fan like myself needs!

PoP said...

Why are you telling me to get over it lol, I like British Betsy. I just really don't think it's her.

Anonymous said...

the psychic katana is just another way for them to make her a racial stereotype. jk actually it is telekenetic meaning it's physical. the psychic knife is a telepathic power. it shatters someone mentally but isn't a physical object. basically when CC decided to randomly give Betsy teke instead of telepathy he gave her a katana.

luckystar said...

Who do you guys think Emma talked to? At first I just thought it was the Red Queen, but after some people pointed out, I really think that was Jean Grey from the White Hot Room helping Emma overcome Lady Masterminds's restraint! What about you?

FSaker said...

Well, as I'm not from the USA, I have no idea of how Emma's dialogue was. But considering the Sisterhood are messing with Jean's belongings and with her friends, it is possible that she's helping the X-Men the way she can. And she and Emma are cool with each other after Emma was shattered into pieces back in Morrison's New X-Men run, so I don't see a problem in Jean helping Emma.

As for The Phoenix King's questions that weren't answered yet, the Cuckoos may be physically weak, but their mind powers could perfectly put Chimera down - that's an advantage that Armor and X-23 didn't have. The Elixir/Cuckoos flirtations seem to be kinda like a friendly joke, not like they were actually planning to have sex (although I haven't read the issue, so I can't be sure of that). As for Surge, wasn't she captured by the Leper Queen in X-Force? I like her; I just hope Noriko can be rescued in time, alive and well...

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people on the internet are overanalyzing the part with Jean and Emma. It was definitely Jean. Fraction just used her as a way to help out Emma and preview the next issue. I think it is really annoying because I love Jean and have been wanting her to return for so long. I hate that they are trying to do some clone stuff. If they succeed it's just ANOTHER stupid meaningless clone of Jean walking around and I'm sick of the alternate Jeans and Marvel Girls... Enough! Bring the real one back from the dead. She didn't deserve to die anyway. Plus I'm sure that she's not going to be around if the next issue is about the science club and then the Dark X-men shit happens, I really don't think they will bring her back and have her in the background. It's like this whole big plot is pointless, especially if they don't clone her. They better not have Wolverine kill the clone, it's so typical.

FSaker said...

Yeah, Jean will most likely return during the final saga of the "Messiah trilogy" (if I'm not mistaken, Marvel said she WILL return, but they didn't want to rush it).

But if the Red Queen inhabits Jean's cloned body and then the REAL Madelyne regains control over herself and sends the Red Queen's essence out of the body staying with it for herself, I'd be VERY HAPPY (I LOVE Maddy)!!

Unfortunately, I doubt it will happen... Ah well, at least Betsy is back.

The Phoenix King said...

@FSaker: Good point about the Cuckoo's telepathy, all I saw in those panels were the Three-in-One physically kicking Chimera down and assumed it's how they'd beaten her. Bugger, I should really pay a lot more attention to these things...

And I was certain that Surge had a cameo in this arc previously, when Northstar showed up during the Proposition X broadcast. Guess that means that this is set before the X-Force "Suicide Leper" arc. And I wholeheartedly agree with you about Surge, let's hope she survives! She's too good a character to waste!