Friday, March 20, 2009

X-Men: Sword of the Braddocks #1 Preview

Cover by: Alex Garner
Writer: Chris Claremont
Pencils: Scott Clark
Colored by: David Beaty
Lettered by: Tom Orzechowski

The Story:
Before she can come home to the X-Men, Betsy Braddock has one final mission — settle the score once and for all with the man who’s been hunting her across the multiverse. If she hopes to survive, Psylocke’s going to have to use every weapon at her disposal -- and possibly cross a line no X-Man ever has before…

In Stores: March 25, 2009


Francis said...

wow! this looks great! (and that version of Betsy has both tp and tk...things get even more interesting) i can't wait! xD

Anonymous said...

that's the worst drawing of psylocke so far!!! it couldn't have looked more fake..

FSaker said...

Betsy looks gorgeous! But isn't her top showing a little more skin than it used (and was supposed) to?

Psylocke likes to dress herself in a sexy way, but it looks like her breasts are almost popping from the top; that's something we could expect from Emma's slutty and tacky fashion, but not from Betsy...

Anonymous said...

okay, Psylocke looks fantastic. this is as hot as Jim Lee made her. it's like they needed a computer to do it. lol, i think that is even the eye shadow she wore in the early nineties.