Friday, March 20, 2009

June 2009 Solicits

Uncanny X-Men #511
Written by: Matt Fraction
Pencils & Cover by: Greg Land
“Sisterhood” We will let this image speak for itself! Part 4 (of 4).


Francis said...

Jean?! can't believe that! maybe it's not as it seems

Anonymous said...

dark phoenix wow how original. i love jean grey and i hate that every character that dies in xmen gets to come back (except betsy of course) but i just want JEAN to come back and leave the phoenix out of it already.

darknessatnoon said...

All hail Emma Frost, White Phoenix. Dancing on Jean's grave is so tacky, so you, Emma.

FSaker said...

Who is that? Emma... Madelyne... or Jean? Well, one thing is for sure: this woman definitely isn't Betsy.

I thought the Sisterhood arc would be concluded in UXM #510 and that UXM #511 would be all about Beast's Science Team... I'm glad I was wrong, though!

And I agree with Anonymous: if this is Jean coming back, I hope Phoenix just leaves her alive body, says: "It was fun living with you, bye!", and goes away... Jean has had enough of it.

Anonymous said...

"Well, one thing is for sure: this woman definitely isn't Betsy."

Yes, thank God for that. Betsy+the Phoenix Force = never, never, NEVER!

I agree with you guys, the Phoenix Force is what has destroyed Jean as a character for me, I mean, how much fun is it really to have an omnipotent character on a team like the X-Men (okay, I'm not including Wolverine in here ;-).

Anonymous said...

Well I believe it is actually Kwannon. Who would have blondish hair, and is being brought back by Madylene Pryor..... Who knows