Monday, March 2, 2009

WonderCon 2009: Uncanny X-Men/Dark Avengers

Uncanny X-Men/Dark Avengers: This summer, Matt Fraction will write a crossover between his own Uncanny X-Men series and Brian Michael Bendis' Dark Avengers. Beginning in July, both titles will begin a six-part crossover storyline. The crossover begins in a one-shot special called X-Men/Dark Avengers Alpha. The story continues in the pages of Uncanny X-Men #513-514 (art by Terry Dodson) and Dark Avengers #6-7 (art by Mike Deodato Jr.), before finishing off in another one-shot called X-Men/Dark Avengers Omega. Both Alpha and Omega one-shots will be drawn by Marc Silvestri.

What brings the two teams together? Fraction answers: "I don't want to blow it. You should read it. But Emma is a part of the Cabal. We all know what Emma and Norman's agreement is, and something happens. The long and the short of it is – Norman says to Emma, "You need to control your people." That's the origin of it. Without giving too much away, something happens, and it's something we've been building towards in the X-books. There's an incident in San Francisco, and suddenly the human and mutant populations come to a head. Norman has to get involved because he's the face of law and order in the Marvel U. now. Wackiness ensues."

For more information about this crossover, read Matt's interview on CBR, IGN, Newsarama and

X-Men Panel: Fraction took the opportunity to hop in at this point to shed some light on what's coming up in Uncanny X-Men before the Dark Avengers crossover. The series will be moving into the Sisterhood arc, with some old favorites returning and current favorites "taking a dirt nap". In talking about the tone of the arc, Fraction said, "I wrote the biggest fight scene of my career. Sisterhood kind of flows into the crossover after a standalone #512. This is dealing with who the Sisterhood are, what they're up to, and why they want the X-Men not in San Francisco. Some old favorites come back, new favorites get the chance to shine." He also mentioned that issue #512 of Uncanny X-Men will be a standalone, 38-page story dealing with heading a long ways back in time to find a set of parents about to give birth to a mutant.

For more X-Men Panel announcements in WonderCon, read Newsarama's description.


FSaker said...

It looks nice! I hope Psylocke takes part in this crossover; it would be bad if she got the "Dazzler/Karma" treatment and got ignored in this story right after her comeback...

Anonymous said...

Me too! Especially if she's returning as a telepath, the Dark Avengers don't stand a chance. :P