Thursday, November 13, 2008

X-Position: X-Men/Spider-Man

Writer Christos Gage has talked about his X-Men/Spider-Man mini-series at the X-Position. Here is a brief excerpt that might interest Psylocke fans.

Will the whole story be told in the past? And do the events of the miniseries have implications in the present?

The first issue occurs in the Silver Age. Issue #2 happens right after “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” towards the end of the “Mutant Massacre.” Issue #3 is set during the Clone Saga/Wolverine with bone-claws era, with Ben Reilly active as Spider-Man. And our final issue will take place more or less in the present, but before the X-Men moved to San Francisco.

The events will definitely have implications for the present, but not in a “retcon” kind of way, like revealing that Uncle Ben was really Wolverine’s brother or anything like that.

As we all know Betsy joined the X-Men during the Mutant Massacre event. Let's hope Psylocke is part of this story in all her pinky and British glory. :D Issue #2 is in stores on December 10.

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