Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Matt Fraction on Uncanny X-Men

Here is a brief excerpt from an interview Newsarama did with Uncanny X-Men writer Matt Fraction. He talks about more women joining his book. Given what Joe Quesada has said, it looks like Uncanny will be Betsy's home for the coming year.

NRAMA: With the additions of Karma, Dazzler, and Pixie to the line-up, will there be any noteworthy subtractions in the months to come? Can the sheer size of the cast of the X-Men become a bit of a burden for your writing? Or does it have its advantages?

MF: Well, let's talk about line-up for a second. First, you'll notice those're all female characters. The X-Men, we all sort of agreed, had gotten a little too dude-y, so we wanted the fairer sex to blast some fresh air into the place. Uncanny was starting to smell like a sweat sock. So: more women. Yes. Domino? Coming right up.

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