Saturday, November 1, 2008

MyCup o' Joe: Psylocke Returning - It's Official!

Finally! After all those rumors, Marvel Editor-in-Chief has just confirmed what everybody already knew: Psylocke is coming back to the main Marvel Universe to be reunited with her fellow X-Men! Here is what he said:

Joe, you've got to bring Psylocke back to the Marvel Universe. We miss her. Any plans to do so?

JQ: We did say that this year was a "year of returns" in the X-Office, so it might just fit that Psylocke is one of the returns. You're in the right ballpark, at least. There are women coming back. Non-brunettes.

It's official!
Now let's all be annoying and send our Psylocke related questions to the CBR's X-Positions! Send them to with "X-Position" in the subject line. Ask them about what they have in mind for Psylocke for the coming year and what more can we expect (storylines and powers). Make sure to tell them we don't want to see Betsy as a background character anymore and that if they took her away from the Exiles, then do something good with her. There, I said it. ;P

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Efe X said...

Great news!! Now the only thing we need is Revanche to come back as well!! Two Betsy's...yummy!!

You got a great blog runnin' here pal~~ !!