Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Uncanny X-Men #9 Spoilers

Spoilers: An enraged Nate Grey appears before the X-Men after merging with Legion. Nate rallies his Horsemen against the X-Men, killing Multiple Man, who turned out to be a dupe, and converting Storm into a Horseman in the process. Psylocke attempts to fight Nate head on but is overwhelmed. Jean makes sure Betsy is okay and realizes they are outpowered, hence she sends a telepathic message to every other X-Men out there calling for help. Nate Grey is preventing Pixie from teleporting the others, so Armor volunteers to distract him. Armor takes Rockslide and Glob inside her shield and absorbs the four Horsemen into her armor. Meanwhile Psylocke, Bishop and the others focus on Nate, attacking him at once. Back at the Institute, Beast confronts Anole, who admits he has stolen the vaccine to give mutants a chance of not becoming outcasts. Beast disapproves his actions as now the government has a weapon against mutantkind. Jean telepathically guides Pixie, who teleports other mutants to the battle, including Beast. Apocalypse takes the chance and attempts to kill Senator Allen, but Kitty Pryde saves him. Nate Grey tries to sink the continent by moving the tectonic plates as he thinks the problem is the word itself, which he will end at once. Jean tries to reason with her son, to no fruition. That is when other X-Men like Beast, Colossus, Dazzler, Meggan, etc. appear before them.


Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Dazz and Meggan. <3

FSaker said...

And Colossus! But what about Rogue and Gambit?

Anyway, this makes sense considering all these mutants Pixie brought are also shown on the AoXM covers. Probably Nate/Legion will create a new reality and bring along all the people that are on wherever this fight is happening. Then a new team of X-Men will need to come together to do what the X-Men do while Jean's team is absent.

I wonder what will happen AFTER AoXM is over, though. Will Jean's team become again the flagship heroes on UXM? Will Jean's team and Scott's team merge? Or maybe UXM will adopt what Fraction intended to do during his run and have hundreds of X-Men with each arc featuring a different team?

CmX said...

Another dumb issue. I cant believe it took 3 writers, and I'm sure a handful of editors, to come up with this garbage.

Benjamin Hutton said...