Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Uncanny X-Men #10 Spoilers

Spoilers: Jean Grey enlists the help of all X-Men against Nate Grey and his Horsemen. Cannonball attempts to blasts his way to X-Man, but is badly injured instead. Pixie teleports Sam out and returns to the battle field. The Horsemen of Salvation overpower the X-Men easily. Jeans asks for the help of Psylocke, Sage, Cuckoos and No-Girl so they can combine forces. Betsy wants to break X-Man’s hold on Storm before she joins the telepaths. Jean and the psychics form a perimeter around Nate and focus on combining their powers. Meanwhile, Psylocke has Angel bring her to Storm, where Betsy strikes Ororo with her psychic sword. Storm is freed from X-Man’s control, and Angel saves both women before they fall to the ground. Storm is enraged about the violation of her mind and strikes a powerful lightning on Nate Grey. Psylocke joins the telepaths, and together, they manage to split Nate from Legion. However, Jean finds herself trapped inside Nate’s mind. Jean tries to reason with Nate once more and speaks of her own actions as Phoenix and all the pain she has caused, the same he is doing now. This overpowers Nate Grey, who loses his hold on his Horsemen. Magneto, Blob and Omega Red all come to their senses. Nate explains to Jean that he’s dying and wanted to do something good as his last act. He came across a life seed, which essentially increased his powers. Nate concludes that he can’t save the world when the X-Men always stand on his way. X-Man bids farewell, and suddenly, all the X-Men are gone. Nobody knew what happened, but the world returned to the way it once was. And the world celebrated the death of the X-Men. The anti-mutant vaccine was put into immediate circulation. The world was done with mutants. And Cyclops was there to witness the fall of mutantkind.

Next: Enter the Age of X-Man.


FSaker said...

"And the world celebrated the death of the X-Men"

Earth-616's (or whatever it is named after Secret Wars) humankind never ceases to disappoint me. Yeah, folks, keep idolizing the Avengers while they cause catastrophic destruction every time they "save the world" and create wars among themselves every now and then.

Finn said...

Oh ! I tought Storm was gonna fly furious and fast towards X-Man and be destroyed by the impact like all the other x-men that attempted this on this X-Men event!

Finn said...

Wait what?? The Xmen are dead?? Oh snap!

FSaker said...

@Finn - I guess they just vanished from Earth and were assumed as dead. Nate probably dragged them into an alternate reality he or/and Legion created, thus the Age of X-Man books.