Tuesday, June 19, 2018

X-Solicits for September 2018

Return of Wolverine #1 (of 5)
Charles Soule (W) • Steve Mcniven (A/C)
X-Force Costume Variant Cover by: Steve Mcniven
Fang Costume Variant Cover by: Steve Mcniven
Age of Apocalypse Costume Variant Cover by: Steve Mcniven
Patch Costume Variant Cover by: Steve Mcniven
Weapon X Costume Variant Cover by: Steve Mcniven
Brown & Tan Costume Variant Cover by: Steve Mcniven
Whiskers Costume Variant Cover by: Steve Mcniven
Remastered Variant Cover by: Todd Mcfarlane
B&W Remastered Variant Cover by: Todd Mcfarlane
Variant Cover by: John Cassaday
Variant Cover by: Leinil Francis Yu
Variant Cover by: Skottie Young
Variant Cover by: John Tyler Christopher
Party Variant Cover by: TBA
Premier Variant Cover by: Steve Mcniven
Blank Variant Cover Also Available
• He’s back, bub.

X-Men Gold #35
Marc Guggenheim (W) • Michele Bandini (A)
Cover by: Phil Noto
• The X-Men versus the undead!
• Goddess versus god!
• And Storm’s final battle?

X-Men Gold #36
Marc Guggenheim (W) • Pere Perez (A)
Cover by: Phil Noto
Final Issue Variant Cover by: Whilce Portacio
• A special look into a day in the life of the headmistress of the Xavier Institute…

X-Men Blue #35
Cullen Bunn (W) • Marcus To (A)
Cover by: R.B. Silva
• Knowing that their time is limited, the original X-Men must face uncomfortable realities about their future…

X-Men Blue #36
Cullen Bunn (W) • Marcus To (A)
Cover by: R.B. Silva
Final Issue Variant Cover by: Mike Allred
• Are the young X-Men’s destinies set in stone?
• Are they only fighting the inevitable?
• Only their modern-day counterparts can answer that!

Astonishing X-Men #15
Matthew Rosenberg (W) • Greg Land (A/C)
Cosmic Ghost Rider VS Variant Cover by: Akcho
• After the events of last issue, Havok and his team are on the run from the law.
• Plus, the Reavers’ secret mission is revealed!

X-Men Red #8
Tom Taylor (W) • Carmen Carnero (A)
Cover by: Jenny Frison
Cosmic Ghost Rider VS Variant Cover by: Jamal Campbell
Headshot Variant Cover by: Travis Charest
• In the wake of an unprecedented assault on Atlantis, the X-Men must react and recover…while at the mercy of a world that grows more hostile to mutants every day, and a foe who is determined to keep it that way!


FSaker said...

Wait... after four miniseries, there will be ANOTHER miniseries for Wolverine's return? Is it really necessary?

Oh, well... anyway, Blue and Gold are coming to an end, it seems.

Good. By the way, have you guys read Gold's eagerly expected issue for Kitty's and Colossus's wedding? Except they didn't marry, with Kitty running away during the ceremony... and Rogue and Gambit deciding not to let all the preparations go to waste and getting married themselves! Using someone else's ceremony may be a little tacky, but I'm glad for Rogue and Gambit; despite some bad times, they are a good couple.

As for Kitty, although I don't like her, I feel really sorry for how Guggenheim is writing her; she's getting messier and messier each new issue...

Rahsaan Chisolm said...


Did Elizabeth have anything to do or say in the wedding issue?

Also, why did Kitty run? How did Piotr take it?

Was the Dark Rachel storyline addressed at all?

I almost want to buy the issue, but feel like I’ll be annoyed if it ends up being poor writing.

Anonymous said...

I assume this woman in a little black dress holding a glass and talking to Kitty is Betsy = https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/S/cmx-images-prod/Item/664803/Previews/c0b20706cf752baaf261a452b2faa4f1._SX1280_QL80_TTD_.jpg

But Psylocke doesn't appear in the wedding at all, not even a cameo. Shame.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...


Thanks for that panel. Not sure who that woman talking to Kitty is. That Jean, Rachel, "Jeen" panel is also weird and trite. Jean is annoying as hell. Not "Jeen," but Jean. She hasn't been back a month and is everyone's business except for those she needs to be involved with, like Rachel. I'm happy that "Jeen" called her out.

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