Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Astonishing X-Men #12 Spoilers

Spoilers: The Shadow King reclaims his physical form and faces the X-Men, spilling his vile poison and spreading his darkness. One by one, the X-Men fall, except Psylocke whose powers allow her to resist his onslaught. Bishop’s database confirms this is the Mindkiller Apocalypse it had warned about before. The reality gardens Proteus had seeded are now being used by Farouk to spread his filth all over the world. Bishop, Gambit, Archangel, Rogue, Mystique and Logan are overwhelmed by emotional breakdowns, and soon Psylocke follows suit and falls. X who had been watching the battle refuses to give up and heals himself, standing up to face the Shadow King. X asks for Betsy’s help to defeat Farouk, but she thinks they’re not enough. X says they won’t be alone, and together they create another psychic network linking every psychic in the world, including Emma Frost, Quentin Quire, Rachel Grey, the Cuckoos, Synapse and many others. Psylocke channels the power of every psychic and unleashes it against the Shadow King, shrinking him into a small, measly spider. X steps on the spider, ending Farouk, and Psylocke purifies the filth that had taken over the world and the other X-Men. X thanks Psylocke for saving the world and reassures her he is still X, not Charles Xavier, because he has changed. The other X-Men are suspicious about X, but Betsy vouches for him, telling them the Shadow King is gone. As a reward, X gives them all gifts:

• For Archangel: the choice of being Angel, Archangel or just Warren as he needs.
• For Gambit: the purpose of finding Fantomex and paying his debts.
• For Mystique and Rogue: understanding of being everyone on the outside, but always being Raven and Anna on the inside.
• For Bishop: the permission to be part of the world and set his mission aside for a change.
• For Logan: the vision to see all the good he does.
• For all of them: oblivion; they all will forget what has happened.

X then gifts Betsy the gift of memory for only she will remember and know that X has returned. He wants her to watch him and make sure the Shadow King is truly gone. Psylocke suggests he brings all those psychics to the school. X says he won’t return to the school for he is not Xavier, he is X and has a new dream now.


FSaker said...

"telling them the Shadow King is gone"

Oh, Betsy... I love you, but you should know better by now; the Shadow King always comes back (as does every other classic comic book villain).

Nevertheless, it's nice that Soule managed to make the connection between Shadow King's actions and Proteus's ones being tied to each other, rather than just two bad guys taking random actions. And Xavier's new life as X can be interesting, as the changes he provided to these X-Men.

One of them is kinda weird, though...

"• For Gambit: the purpose of finding Fantomex and paying his debts."

...I thought X was using Fantomex's body and that his mind is stored inside X's. Is that not the case? Couldn't he just ask Betsy to take him to the Astral Plane and meet Fantomex? It shouldn't be that hard.

Psyloco said...

Very disappointing last edition.

Soule just wrote his version of Joe Kelly's Psy-War.

Evilgus said...

Very dull. Whatever happened to the village taken over by Proteus? For a crazy astral plane dreamscape... There are no backgrounds!! And they defeat Shadow King just by trying a bit harder...?

Disappointing as the first six issues were a real rollercoaster!

Eduardo said...

Weird. If Psylocke had channeled the psychics in the first round this second arc wouldn't even have happened???
I was waiting for her to use the giant butterfly the Shadow King made her attack London with in the beginning.....

Gaile Peck said...

What Psyloco said is exactly what happened. Yawn.