Wednesday, May 16, 2018

X-Men: The Wedding Special #1 Spoilers & Art

Psylocke attends Kitty Pryde's bachelorette party with the other X-Ladiess.


Anonymous said...

Kitty looks like a Chun-li in this outfit,and Magik looks like Black Canary from Dc

FSaker said...

Nice gesture from Emma, sending that bottle of champagne to her ungrateful ex-teammate. It's a pity she wasn't invited to this party, as she would feel right at home among the strippers.

It's also great to see Stevie Hunter is still alive and well, Betsy hanging out with Meggan (I wonder if Meggan showed some photos and videos of her daughter to Betsy in her cell phone?), Rachel hanging out with Jean (I mean, the REAL Jean). I can even imagine some off-panel conversation...

Rachel: "It's great that you're alive, mom! Maybe this means I will still be born in this timeline someday!"
Jean: "Well, I'm not pregnant and your father is dead, so I don't think so..."

Anonymous said...

The fact the Jean has had
no one-on-one panel time with Rachel is disgusting. These writers are hacks.