Monday, September 11, 2017

Hasbro to Release Psylocke 6'' Figure

At HasCon their inaugural convention, Hasbro announced the lineup for the Marvel Legends 2018 X-Men series, which will include Tiger Stripe Wolverine, Mohawk Storm, and the first single-packed Hasbro Psylocke 6″ figure ever.

The new 2018 Marvel Legends Psylocke will be an all new mold, and will include a psychic knife, a sword, and a butterfly effect piece (which wasn’t displayed with the figure, but mentioned by Hasbro team).

This series of X-Men Marvel Legends figures should be up for order online in winter/spring 2018.

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BMS said...

So happy! She looks great and will look even better once the final product is done. I'm sure. Hasbro is (finally) doing an amazing job with the X-Men figures!