Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Legendary X-Men Deck-Building Game Details Released

Upper Deck has released new details and the first previews for the upcoming Legendary: X-Men expansion to the Marvel: Legendary Deck Building Game.

Legendary: X-Men includes 394 new cards to expand the Marvel: Legendary game and is completely compatible with all other Marvel: Legendary products, requiring the Marvel: Legendary Core Set to play.

Legendary: X-Men includes 15 new characters with the X-Men team affiliation, including Beast, Banshee, Cannonball, Dazzler, Legion, and Psylocke, seven new villain groups, five henchmen groups, eight schemes, and six masterminds, each with a second Epic side, including Onslaught, Shadow King, and Dark Phoenix.

It also features the return of divided cards, last seen in Legendary: Civil War, and introduces two brand new card types: Horror Cards and Heroic Bystanders. The first print run of Legendary: X-Men will include a foil promo card.

Legendary: X-Men releases June 28. Check out the preview cards in the gallery below.


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Finally its here. I have been hearing about this release for quite sometime now. I hope its up to the expectations as it has been rumored.

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