Tuesday, October 18, 2016

X-Solicits for January 2017

IvX #2 (of 6)
Charles Soule & Jeff Lemire (W) • Leinil Francis Yu (A/C)
Variant Cover by Michael Cho
Variant Cover by Arthur Adams
Inhumans Variant Cover by Ardian Syaf
X-Men Variant Cover by Terry Dodson
• The Inhumans have failed to find a way to stop the deadly effect the Terrigen Cloud has on Mutantkind, so the X-Men have taken matters into their own hands.
• New Attilan is under attack!
• The Inhumans aren’t surrendering their home without a fight, but is there something larger a stake?

IvX #3 (of 6)
Charles Soule & Jeff Lemire (W) • Javier Garrón (A/C)
Cover by Leinil Francis Yu
Variant Cover by Michael Cho
Variant Cover by John Cassaday
Inhumans Variant Cover by Terry Dodson
X-Men Variant Cover by Ardian Syaf
• New Attilan is conquered. Medusa and her generals are being held prisoner as the X-Men prepare to cleanse the world of the Terrigen Cloud.
• Could this be the end of Inhuman progeny?
• Now, the only hope for the Inhuman legacy rests in the hands of an unlikely crew of young Inhumans.

Uncanny X-Men #17
Cullen Bunn (W) • Ken Lashley (A/C)
Variant Cover by TBA
Inhumans vs. X-Men Tie-in!
• The X-MEN have waged war on the INHUMANS!
• But as the X-Men fight for their future, one X-Man fights for her humanity.
• Driven mad by the influence of her vampiric brother, M desperately tries to stop herself from feeding on the marrow of her enemies…and her friends!
• Will she succeed? Or will she add to the body count?


FSaker said...

So the X-Men invade... and take Attilan. I don't think this will end well for them... *sigh* Hopefully both sides of this war will manage to find a solution to the Terrigen Clouds killing mutants before either side is permanently burned by this conflict, like what we saw in AvX.

Also, can't help but notice that Psylocke isn't in any of these covers and she's not mentioned in any of the solicitations... maybe she will be one of the few people trying to find a peaceful solution? Let's wait and see.

Toca do Caranguejo said...

I Agree FSaker, it seems a relaunch of AvX.

Antone Poitier said...

I don't like it how they trying to make the X-Men look like the bad guys again... and I agree its like AvX all over again.

FSaker said...

Toca do Caranguejo, indeed, and that scares me. We all know how AvX ended for the X-Men...

By the way, sorry for not replying to your last post. It's nice to see another Brazilian in this blog!

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