Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Uncanny X-Men #14 Spoilers

Spoilers: At the Hellfire Club, Psylocke scans the sleeper’s mind and detects an attack on an anti-mutant rally in Washington is imminent, however Betsy refuses to find out the mastermind behind the attack as to not kill the sleeper. Monet steps in and states she will do what it takes to accomplish her mission, managing to discover Exodus is behind it all. Betsy and Erik confront each other again, and Psylocke takes off with the X-Men to stop the attack. Magneto heads to Someday Corporation to meet Exodus. Erik demands him to release the sleepers, but Exodus is adamant he’s only following on Magneto’s steps and on behalf of mutantkind. Exodus explains he turned the sleepers into weapons on mutants’ side, which upsets Magneto as he has never forced anyone to fight his fight. After a brief struggle, Magneto knocks out Exodus, severing his control over the sleepers, which make them stop the attack in Washington. Back at the Hellfire Club, Psylocke cut ties with Magneto and leaves the team. The X-Men send the sleepers to Tibet to be watched over by Xorn. Xorn laments Betsy has left as she was a good influence on Magneto. Erik remembers Betsy telling him she’s not going far as she will be keeping an eye on him as an avenging angel.


Erik Stoop said...

Loved Bunn's Psylocke so far. Really liked her this issue.

Jason Murray said...

Agreed! In my opinion, Psylocke is shown at her best when she's the alpha female of the book. As soon as she's in a book with another high-profile female character, most writers seem to treat her as pretty wallpaper.

FSaker said...

"Exodus explains he turned the sleepers into weapons on mutants’ side, which upsets Magneto as he has never forced anyone to fight his fight."

Uh... I'm pretty sure Magneto has already manipulated Angel into fighting for him in Savage Land, and in the 1990s he used some sort of brainwashing to have the Blue Team joining him (and converting one of the men invading Avalon into one of his Acolytes). And recently he programmed the new clones of the Marauders to follow blindly his orders. Sorry Magneto, I agree that Exodus's actions are wrong, but you're not being honest here.

I'm proud of Betsy, though. After a long time doing things that challenged her ethics, she's shown she's pulled herself back together. I hope she'll keep appearing in this series, part of Magneto's team or not.

Eduardo said...

Awesome! Great so see her standing by her ideals.
This looks like a reminding of the stuff she learned on Remender's run that the aims do not justify the means.
Got me curious to see what's coming next to her now.
Would she be joining Storm's team?
I'm anxiously waiting to see what is the circumstance that will make her show up as the avenging angel!!

Toca do Caranguejo said...

I might understand the critics who accused the final of this arc to be anticlimactic, but frankly, I must disagree. The arc of the Hellfire Club was totally awesome, in my opinion. The story, the interactions between the many characters were all well developed, well defended. The reader can even say that didn't like what he read, but it's simply impossible to say there not any effort on Cullen Bunn's writing.

I always impressed me about how good character Magneto can be in the hands of a good writer, but Cullen Bunn reaches a level that is hardly seen. In a moment, he is connive about kill a innocent mutant because he only thinks how to find the "big boss", and in the next moment, Magneto is sheltering a group of innocent mutants to Xorn's residence for protection. A man of many contradictions, Erik Magnus Lensheer is a strong character whose nuances of his personality never been so evident. The mix of fight and debate between Magneto and Exodus is another example of this.

The front-central of this arc, Magneto and Psylocke interaction, finally achieve a new status. Betsy will be a "avenger angel" (her words) of Erik, a new situation. I was starting to get worried than Betsy stay and keeping complain: She doesn't this person. However, the highlight was certainly Monet: Man, she so bitch! I'm not properly impersonated with the Monet's actions, but how good Cullen Bunn develop hers actions. In few editions, she evolved of victim to murderer! Seriously, She's becoming in a full villain at great strides, if nothing more interrupt this process. Sabertooth and Fantomex hadn't great moments (who cares) but Mystique won sequences only for her, all much entertaining.

Among the minor characters, to me who stood out the most was certainly Black Tom Cassidy. All the Tom's scenes was pure gold, totally in fit with the his habitual mordacious, sharp-tongue personality. And all of others minor had theirs moments too: Sebastian Shaw "offering" wine to Betsy, the Briar's entrance to Hellfire Club and Xorn talking about Psylocke to Magneto.

Finally about the story, I don't understand exactly if the someday sleepers were being controlled zombie-level or they were just being coerced by Exodus. Now seems to be one thing and now another, I found it a low point in the script. Then the plot twist when is revealed than the sleepers don't be controlled by Someday Enterprises anymore and the new player is Exodus is just awesome... Just seeing Exodus acting like a puppy with Magneto. This was frustrating, though I admit that makes sense, after all, there is a new crisis of extinction and Exodus is already crazy. Doesn't cease to be an involution of the character, however.

And that's all. And waiting for #15, 11/09/2016. Psylocke-centric story. I won't lose it!