Wednesday, June 1, 2016

X-Men '92 #4 Spoilers

Spoilers: Outside Wetchester, Storm unleashes Bishop and Psylocke against Alpha Red’s army of mutant-vampires. Wolerine’s healing factor kicks in and he turns on Alpha Red as well. Meanwhile Storm has U-Go Girl teleport the vampire students inside the Danger Room. Within Cerebro, Beast enlists Dead Girl’s help as her unique abilities prevent her from turning into a vampire. With the assistance of Xavier, Dead Girl uses Cerebro to communicate directly with the Darkhold, the vast database of arcane knowledge that Alpha Red used to modify his vampire spawn. Rogue and Gambit soon make their way to Cerebro and face Husk and Chamber, who are protecting Xavier, Beast and Dead Girl. Outside, Jubilee is the first to burn out as Alpha Red’s bites destroy his victims over time. Alpha Red almost kills Dracula, but is interrupted by Storm. Xavier then calls Storm and Beast inside Dead Girl’s mind. The Darkhold program gives her the options to eliminate all vampires, turn them into humans again. Beast is against it as he thinks there must be another way, but time is running up. Storm agrees this is the only way and so Dead Girl choses to eliminate all vampires. All mutants are turned back to normal, while Dracula and Alpha Red become humans. The dark rituals Alpha Red was subjected to now kill him, much to Dracula’s anger. The students rebuild the school, but their victory leaves a bitter taste in Beast’s mouth as he feels they didn’t have the right to turn vampires into humans, the same way some people would like to force mutants to turn humans as well.

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