Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Uncanny X-Men #9 Spoilers

Spoilers: At the Akkaba hidden city, Mystique breaks out Magneto of his imprisonment. Meanwhile, in New York, Emplate fights Callisto, Sabretooth and Monet. He once again tells his sister that she is the only one who can save him. While Sabretooth and Callisto are knocked out, Monet agrees to stay with Emplate if he agrees to stay away from other mutants for good. Elsewhere, Magneto and Mystique look for Psylocke, but end up coming across Akkaba servants experiment on Hippie Angel. Erik and Raven interrupt their ritual and fight the servants, while Angel tells them he had to do this; otherwise, the evil would grow on him again. Genocide arrives to join the fight, and while Magneto and Mystique have the upper hand, it is too late as Genocide’s Death-Flight army of Archangel drones have awakened. Meanwhile, Psylocke is busy being pursued by Archangel drones and is hit with their toxic feathers. Fantomex watches as she falls with no intention of helping Betsy. At last, Archangel, who was summoned by Psylocke, arrives in Colorado accompanied by more Archangel drones.

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FSaker said...

So, we still can't tell for sure if the real Warren is the Archangel psychically connected to Psylocke or Hippie Angel, right? I hope this will be cleared out by the end of this arc.

I also hope Betsy kicks nu-Fantomex's ass by the end of this arc. Until he merges with Weapon XIII and Cluster again, he should be punished for all the bad things he has done to her.