Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Uncanny X-Men #6 Spoilers

Spoilers: Psylocke continues to probe Warren hoping to find his true self when suddenly she's transported into a dreamscape. Warren shows Psylocke a town called Green Ridge completely destroyed by a swarm of Dark Angels. Warren says it will happen  and it's only the beginning. Psylocke quickly relays the message to Magneto who agrees the two of them will head to Green Ridge.

In NYC, M & Sabretooth wait for an informant who has intel on a mutant threat. The informant doesn't appear but Sabretooth picks up a familiar scent which leads into the sewers. As they make their way through the sewers, they're ambushed by Callisto who savagely attacks Sabretooth, unaware of his inversion. M breaks up the fight and asks why they were called there. Callisto mentions the Morlocks are dying.

In Green Ridge, Psylocke & Magneto observe how Green Ridge seems a little too perfect. Psylocke isn't able to get a psychic read on any of the townspeople. They notice everyone heading in one direction towards a giant tent where they find Nu-Warren dubbed Green Ridge's Savior. To be continued!


FSaker said...

Wait... so there are TWO Warrens running around? I know it's not something new for the X-Men (Cable and Nate Grey, Magneto and Joseph, damn, even Psylocke and Revanche), but still... I wonder which is the real one.

But my real curiosity is how this arc will tie into the other Apocalypse Wars arcs. We know that each arc can be read by itself without any confusion, but it will be interesting if they do connect somehow to compose a full, epic story. But as long as it is an entertaining story, it's fine to me.

FSaker said...

Also, we usually complain about Psylocke being stuck into the same storylines, but Warren seems to be in an even worse position than her: has he gotten any storyline in the past decade that hasn't revolved around him changing from Angel to Archangel, from good to evil to good-but-unstable and so on?

I'm not even a fan of him (I always considered Fantomex a much more interesting love interest for Betsy - although after the things Fantomex did in Humphries's and Spurrier's X-Force runs, I don't see them getting back together any time soon), but Angel/Archangel definitely could get more creative plots than that.