Thursday, April 14, 2016

X-Men '92 #2 Spoilers

Spoilers: At the X-Mansion, Bishop confronts Maverick over why Cerebro couldn’t read his disks. Psylocke supports Bishop, but Wolverine vouches for Maverick, and Storm backs him up. Suddenly, Chamber arrives with Jubilee in his arms and reveals she was bitten by a monster, which the X-Men deduce to be Alpha Red. Elsewhere, Gamesmaster gathers with the Von Strucker twins, Shinobi Shaw, Fabian Cortez and Fitzroy and explains that their little game is more than eliminating the core X-Men, it’s about survival and the prize if all of mutantkind. Gamesmaster also refuse to reveal the identity of the game’s benefactor. Back at the X-Mansion, Beast reveals Jubilee has died. Storm sends Rogue and Gambit after Wolverine and Maverick, who left to track down Alpha Red. At a Warehouse outside Manchester, Maverick tells Wolverine there’s a book called “The Book of Sins” or “Darkhold” that might be the key to defeating Alpha Red. Omega Red meets Wolverine and Maverick, but soon the three of them are ambushed by Alpha Red and the Winter Guard, who were all turned into vampire slaves. Rogue and Gambit come to Wolverine’s rescue and leave with him, but Alpha Red manages to eviscerate Omega Red and turn Maverick into a vampire. Back to the X-Mansion, the students discuss how they’re dealing with vampires, which proves to be true as Jubilee surprises them back from the dead sporting fangs. At the hangar, Storm, Bishop and Psylocke have U-Go Girl teleport them to Transylvania where they meet Dracula.

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