Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Uncanny X-Men #3 Spoilers

Spoilers: Psylocke and Magneto try and pick up Triage when Barrage, Hurricane, and Harddrive show up. Hurricane attempts to flush Triage out, but Magneto intercepts, drawing their attention long enough for Betsy to bypass their psychic defenses and find out where they're based, while Triage continues healing the sick. Once she has what she needs, Erik lets loose on Harddrive, who teleports the Riders out but not before he leaves behind a little spybot. Triage is convinced to go with the X-Men after Magneto affords him a few minutes to heal whomever he can. In Tibet, Monet meets with Shen Xorn, who refuses to leave his sanctuary until he has completed his meditations. If the mists or Riders find him first, so be it. We find out that the X-Men are based on Genosha and that the Mists hit there early on, killing 60 mutants. Sabretooth gives them the news about Xorn, and they immediately start preparing to hit the Dark Riders at their home. The Riders' spybot has followed them back to Genosha, however, so they also know where the X-Men are based. In the last scene, Fantomex is leading several Hellfire grunts into the bowels of a Someday facility. They find several mutants locked in stasis before guards arrive and gun Fantomex down. It was a grunt the whole time, and Fantomex has escaped in EVA with his intelligence. He asks Mystique to set up a meeting with their "masters."

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