Saturday, February 6, 2016

Olivia Munn Reveals New Psylocke Image and Answers Fans

Olivia Munn has revealed a new image of herself as the mutant, psychic ninja Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse. She also took to Twitter to answer questions about the film and the character.

What was your favorite scene to film?
Munn: The fight scene. It took me about two weeks to shoot the entire scene. That was definitely my favorite.

Who wins in a fight: you or Wolverine?
Munn: When I was training for Psylocke, one of the things that we worked on was using two blades. When I have my psionic blades, I fight a lot like Wolverine when his claws come out because the psionic blades are part of my arms. We have a similar fighting style so it would be a pretty even match, but Psylocke wins.

Did you get hurt at all during training?
Munn: I did get hurt training. Most of it was self-inflicted. My right side was completely bruised from the ankle all the way up to my thigh. That was when I was home trying to learn swords by myself before I asked for a not so sharp blade to practice with.

How much comic book reading did you do when you got cast as Psylocke?
Munn: I didn't have to do a lot of comic book reading for Psylocke because I pretty much knew most of that when I was a kid. I grew up in Japan and being one of five kids, we all would get our X-Men comics, share them and read them together.

Will she have great action scenes?
Munn: I hope so. I worked for many months training. I did six hours a day of sword, taekwondo training, stunt training and wire training and shot a fight scene for about two weeks. Hopefully the fight scene still remains in the movie.

Will she speak with British accent?
Munn: No. I do not have an English accent for Psylocke. There's a lot of people with British accents in the film, so I decided I would be American and represent this side of the pond.

Will we see Psylocke using her psychic weapons in X-Men Apocalypse?
Munn: Yes.

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FSaker said...

It's sad that Psylocke won't have her British accent, but I can understand Olivia's explanation. Nevertheless, she seems to know the character quite well (much, MUCH better than the actors portraying Cyclops and Quicksilver, who described their characters as "the guy with optic beams" and "the guy with superspeed"), and she dedicated herself a lot to this film with the martial arts and sword training. And she is promoting this film a lot.

I don't know if Olivia's Psylocke will turn out to be a satisfying character, but I have to commend her for all of her dedication to this film.