Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Master of Kung Fu #3 Spoilers & Art

Spoilers: Lady Mandarin, the mistress of the School of Spirit Blades, is one of the great masters who compete for the Emperor’s throne in trial by combat. The Emperor Zheng Zu sends all masters to the Thirteen Chambers to fight each other. Shang-Chi defeats most of them, including Lady Madarin who attempts to use her spirit blade on him, but is soon subdued. There is only one master for Shang-Chi to face: Iron Fist.

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FSaker said...

So she got a short participation, lost to Shang-Chi (perfectly understandable) but was shown among the best martial artists and put on a good fight? That's nice! And it's better than what I was expecting: I thought she would be just one of the Hand ninjas working for Elektra.

Great to see that Psylocke was remembered in a book about martial artists; hopefully she will appear in other issues of this tie-in.