Tuesday, June 16, 2015

X-Position: Hopeless Charts a Course from "Inferno" to "House of M"

CBR: This week, "Inferno" and "House of M" writer Dennis Hopeless makes his triumphant return to X-Position and answers your questions about everything from Domilossus to the intricacies of the Maximoff family tree.

When you were first approached to do "Inferno," why did you chose to focus on your "Cable & X-Force" cast of characters -- some of whom like Domino and Boom Boom who were never part of the original 'Inferno' -- instead of classic 'Inferno' characters like Storm, Psylocke, Dazzler, etc?

Hopeless: Ben! Boom Boom was absolutely a part of the original Inferno. She starred in Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove's "X-Terminators" series, which told a big chunk of that story. I chose to use Domino because I'm telling a Colossus story and I like the two of them as a couple. To answer your broader question, I pitched what I wanted to write with characters I like writing and it got approved. Simple as that.

With armored Psylocke shown in the series' pages and covers, will she actually be in it and do anything? I think it'd be awesome to show a non-ninja Psylocke being badass.

Hopeless: Tazirai! Psylocke shows up throughout the series but sadly isn't a major player in "Inferno." I love pre-ninja Betsy and would happily write her being a badass -- or just sipping tea on a sofa and saying British things -- any day of the week. This just isn't her story.


FSaker said...

Sad, but expected. If Psylocke were a major player in this tie-in, she would be more prominent in the cover arts and mentioned in solicitations and in the first interviews about this series. And considering he didn't mention her presence in House of M, I guess she won't be appearing much in it, either (if she was, I suppose Hopeless would mention it as a way to console Tazirai - kinda like "Yeah, unfortunately Psylocke won't be doing much in Inferno - but wait, she'll be appearing in House of M, so that's good news!", or something like that).

Oh well, at least Hopeless's answer seems to imply that Inferno-Betsy is still alive (that seems to be more than what we can say about Inferno-Jean) and that she may appear in other issues (probably only as wallpaper material, but it's better than nothing).

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Secret Wars handling of "the Psylocke" (That's how Mojo & Spiral referred to her in New Mutants Annual #2) makes me yearn for Fraction's "As you wish" days.

FSaker said...

Well, things will probably be better in August, when '92 Psylocke will appear as part of the '92 X-Force team, and DOFP Psylocke will get a story in Secret Wars Journal (good chances that she'll die in it, but at least she gets a story).

I'm kinda curious about DOFP Betsy, as I suppose in this universe she never went to the USA and joined the X-Men (as the events that triggered the existence of DOFP happened before she joined the team). It will be interesting to see how and why she gets involved in the story.

Plus, maybe we'll get to see lil' Betsy appearing again in Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX, with her mischievous smile, ready to kick some lil'Vengers ass...