Friday, June 5, 2015

Secret Wars: Psylocke – Guide (Month 1)

DOMAIN: Higher Avalon
BARON: Brian Braddock; formerly: James Braddock
APPEARANCES: Secret Wars #2
Betsy Braddock of House Braddock is the sister of James and Brian Braddock. After a conflict with Baron Sinister of Bar Sinister, Doom sentences James to death upon learning of the latter’s involvement with the rebels.
BARON: Scott Summers; formerly: Madelyne Pryor
Limbo has been separated into two different areas: one controlled by the X-Men and the other ruled by demons and run by Darkchild. Psylocke is part of a small group of X-Men that tries to liberate Illyana, but ultimately fails.
DOMAIN: Marville
BARON: Unkown
APPEARANCES: Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX #1
In Marville, the children living on X-Men Way, including Psylocke, are rivals of the children living on Avengers Street. Both groups do pranks with each other when they are surprised by their new neighbors: a pair of mysterious twins.


FSaker said...

That's great! Thank you for this guide, it's very useful!

I LOVED Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX! Such a shame that Psylocke didn't do much in it, though. But the fights were hilarious, especially Rogue looking constantly bored and playing with her cell phone/Nintendo 3DS/whatever that was.

But who could the twins be? Not Pietro and Wanda, since the Scarlet Witch was already shown with the little Avengers. Not Brian and Betsy, because Psylocke was with the little X-Men. Maybe Northstar and Aurora? Or those Asian twins that were introduced in a Marvel Point One issue (I guess it was the same one teasing the Age of Ultron and AVX events) but never appeared again?

One thing is for sure: Marvel really likes to create twin brother/sister teams as superheroes...

Brian said...

I've noticed that as well. There are a strikingly high number of girl/boy twins in Marvel, and in the X-Universe in particular.

FSaker said...

They do, don't they?

Anyway, I guess the twins are either Aurora and Northstar or the Point One twins (I found out that their code names are Coldmoon and Dragonfire).

But for both cases, the representation doesn't make much sense. If they are the Beaubier twins, it's weird because I don't think either Aurora or Northstar have ever joined the Avengers (Jean-Paul has been an X-Man for some years, while Jeanne-Marie has briefly fought alongside the X-Men during the Secret Invasion and Schism events).

And, if they are the Point One twins, I don't think they've ever joined either team (they were invited to join the Avengers, but I don't think they were ever shown as part of the team), they may not be mutants (although that's not a problem, as the X-Men have had members who are not mutants in the team before) and the kids in this issue don't look Asian - if I'm not mistaken, Coldmoon and Dragonfire are supposed to be Chinese...