Wednesday, December 10, 2014

X-Force #13 Spoilers

Spoilers: ForgetMeNot reveals how Hope implanted hallucinations on Fantomex’s mind so he would think he had defeated X-Force.  While X-Force escaped, Fantomex is on the loose again killing anyone who might be better than him. Mojo is still being held prisoner of X-Force in their HQ and Cable caught Volga solo while the others were asleep. For the past three days, Hope has been talking to ForgetMeNot even though she can’t actually see him; Cable and Marrow have been torturing Volga so that he reveals how to fix Hope; and Psylocke and Domino relieve their anger training with each other (Betsy later hugs her and cries). ForgetMeNot calls Hope on X-Force’s bullshit, saying that they’re supposed to be heroes. He tells her that because of her piggybacking on MeMe’s powers, she should be able to remember their chats. FMN says X-Force has been too distracted to realize the monsters they have become, unable to see the goodness around then: the real MeMe whose echo grabbed a handhold in X-Force’s ship and has been fading ever since. FMN reveals the real MeMe saved his life just because it was the right thing to do. Meanwhile, Volga tells Cable there is no cure for Hope. Cable doesn’t believe him. Volga tells Marrow she never volunteered to the treatment and that they had her drugged to do so. Marrow kills him, which upsets Cable. FMN tells Hope that MeMe wanted to show Hope something to change the way she thinks. FMN shows her a video stating a “Core Corruption underway”. Five hours later, X-Force gathers to turn off MeMe, meaning, that Hope will go back to being in a coma. Psylocke says that even in her sleep, she can sense Hope’s anger.


FSaker said...

Well, the Volga part is still frustrating. Not only Cable managed to capture him off-panel and without difficulties, but Marrow was able to kill him? Maybe I'm not remembering correctly, but wasn't he able to survive the destruction of his body? How could she be able to kill him? Or did she just kill Volga's current body and his essence escaped from X-Force's HQ to inhabit another body?

I guess I really need to read this issue (no time for that today, though). Betsy and Domino fighting and hugging seems nice; I never imagined they would be this close. And I'm glad to know that ForgetMeNot is alive - and saved by the REAL MeMe, nonetheless!

Well, I'm not sure when I'll be able to read this issue (too much work this week), so if anyone can spoil it for me: did FMN join X-Force by the end of this issue? And did they really turn off MeMe, or the issue stops when they're about to do it?

Harry S. said...

They turned off MeMe for good. So Hope is in coma again.

I think that Hope was the only one who could see FMT thanks to MeMe's powers, but now that they're both are gone, IDK how the rest of the team will be able to talk to FMN.

FSaker said...

Thank you for the answers!

About FMN, everyone could see him, but everyone would forget about his existence as soon as they stopped looking at him. Interestingly, in issue #10 this also included Hope. Anyway, so he hasn't joined the X-Force, right? Hopefully he'll get a good participation in the next issues.

By the way, how was Betsy and Domino's fight? From the pages shown in this blog, it seems they were both equally exhausted, but people at the X-Books forums said Domino actually beat her up. Then again, there's one user there mentioning that Betsy punched Domino, so maybe it's all due to the way each person interprets the panels.

Not that it matters, as Betsy was clearly emotionally unstable during the training (in a situation where both were calm and collected, Domino wouldn't stand a chance against Psylocke's ninjutsu skills).

Vigmed said...

Domino with the life hacks. Last I remember she never learned to control her mutant ability and it was an always on sort of deal? Being what her powers are I think Domino would always have some chance of winning haha.

But Psylocke is best, yep.