Friday, December 5, 2014

X-Force #13 Preview

X-Force #13
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art by: Tan Eng Huart
Cover by: Rock-He Kim

The Story:
• The fate of Hope Summers revealed!
• Fantomex takes on each and every one of the world’s secret intelligence agencies!
• And on the outs with the rest of his team, Cable hatches one last scheme

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FSaker said...

...For the first time, I'm not really impressed with X-Force's preview. First of all, Tan Eng Huat's art is not my cup of tea (Rock-He Kim or Jorge Molina would be much better).

And after six issues of Volga giving X-Force a lot of work, he's just captured off-screen? By Cable alone, without the other team members? Sure, the person in the radio (who's almost certainly ForgetMeNot) does mention how frustrating it is, but this fourth-wall joke doesn't make the fact less frustrating. I wonder if this is the result of Spurrier having to rush his stories because of any risk of cancellation.

Well, at least it explains how X-Force managed to escape Fantomex (and since there was no misdirection power involved, it seems this really is Fantomex, not Weapon XIII posing as him), and hopefully ForgetMeNot will finally join the team and explain how he is still alive.

But really, if Marvel wants to attract more readers (instead of LOSING more readers) to X-Force, putting Tan Eng Huat in the art is NOT the right move.