Wednesday, September 10, 2014

X-Force #9 Spoilers

Spoilers: While X-Force and MI13 are busy fighting each other, the terrorists known as the Quaddees show up and kidnap Agent Mel. After that, all teams start talking. Super soldiers reveal Agent Mel promised to turn them into gods, but never told they’d die inside the year. Super soldier says Agent Mel wanted the Quaddees to kidnap Tom, the rookie soldier, but that’s all he knows. X-Force, MI13 and the Super soldiers team up in order to track Agent Mel as she might know where Volga is. They all attack the terrorists’ headquarters; only to find out they have super powers as well thanks to Volga. Meanwhile, Psylocke and MeMe find Agent Mel. Betsy reads her mind. She finds out Mel doesn’t know a thing about Volga and that they keep Tom drugged because his powers manifest as a black hole which would swallow him and anyone around him. Psylocke and Meme decide not to rescue Mel and leave her there. The Super Soldiers decide to sacrifice themselves to keep the Quaddees nearby when Tom becomes a black hole and swallows all of them, leaving no trace of Volga’s tech. Meanwhile, MI13 and X-Force leave the place. After super soldiers and terrorists are sucked into the black hole, Wisdom warns Cable there’s an agency called The Yellow Eye being paid to spy on every single mutant alive.

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