Friday, September 5, 2014

X-Force #9 Preview

X-Force #9
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Cover & Art by: Rock-He Kim

The Story:
• In the deserts of Afghanistan, X-Force has found a lead that could help them track down the villain who killed one of their own.
• But standing in their way is Britain’s own team of superhuman operatives: MI13!
• As the two factions come to blows, little do they know that a third player threatens to wipe them all off the board…

In Stores: September 10, 2014


FSaker said...

Betsy vs. Meggan? She should be careful, Meggan is quite powerful and technically could defeat the entire X-Force team by herself. Hopefully the two women won't be fighting for the whole arc and may have a friendly chat afterwards (they're sisters-in-law after all, and as far as I know, Betsy likes Meggan and vice-versa).

But where are the other MI13 members (Captain Britain, Black Knight, Union Jack... I assume Spitfire left the team to join the All-New Defenders and Blade left the team to join the Mighty Avengers, right?)? I love Wisdom, Meggan and Faiza, but I miss the other MI13 members.

FSaker said...

Oops... by "All-New Defenders", I meant "All-New Invaders"...

Eduardo said...
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Eduardo said...

It is indeed an interesting combat, Betsy would have to be pretty smarter in order not to get her ass burned by Meggan!
i would like to see her take on Pete Wisdom and take him out as classy as only she knows how to do.